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ZEEL Share Price Graph and News (ZEE Entertainment)

The Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is a large-cap company belonging to Nifty 50 group. For this reason, ZEEL share price or Zee Entertainment share price influences the benchmark index.

ZEEL Share Price Graph OR Zee Entertainment Share Price Graph

ZEEL Share Price Graph

Earlier ZEEL was known as Zee Telefilms Limited. It was incorporated in 1992 as a content supplier to Zee TV – the first Hindi Cable TV channel in India.

ZEEL Share Price

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited or ZEEL is a large-cap company engaged in the business of mass media and infotainment. Zeel operates a number of TV channels in India in National and regional network. Zeel was promoted by Subhash Chandra, the media baron in India with a view to take a strong step in the mass media and communication industry.

Subhash Chandra, in earlier days, joined hand with the Star Group for tv broadcasting business in India. Later News Corp acquired the satellite distribution business of Star, thereby automatically becoming a partner of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. News Corp and ZEEL, to strengthen partnership, formed Siticable, the first pan-India cable TV company. Six years later, eyeing the booming business in media, ZEEL bought the complete stake from News Corp of the broadcasting business as well as the stake of Siticable. Today ZEEL is the only large-cap company in the media and communication sector.

In its pioneering journey in Indian media industry, ZEEL has achieved the following.

  • India’s first listed media company.
  • Zee Cinema – the first cinema channel in Hindi
  • Zee Tv – the first channel for general entertainment programs in Hindi
  • The first company to corporatize Bollywood and Hindi film industry.
  • Zee News – the first 24 hrs. a news channel in Hindi. It is now a separate entity as ZNL (Zee News Limited).
  • Launched the first MSO operator in India as Siticable, now a separate entity named Wire and Wireless (India).

Zee Entertainment has been a leader and one of the top global companies. It has been awarded many awards for excellence in its sector and awards for CSR.

Company Financials

ZEEL share price OR Zee Entertainment share price is Rs 491.65 (as on 30.06.17, EOD) in BSE. As per the latest data, the standalone basis P/E is 45.67 versus average industry P/E of 40.12, EPS is Rs 10.77. Market cap is Rs 47,220 crores. The face value of a share is Rs 1.

The closing share price of ZEEL on 18 November 2018 is Rs 449.95 in the National Stock Exchange. The earning per share or EPS is Rs 18.01 calculated over the past 12 months performance. The price over earning ratio or P/E is 24.81. The book value per share or BV is Rs Rs 78.88. The price over book value or P/BV is 5.68. The dividend yield is 0.65%. The 52 weeks high price is Rs 619.00 and 52 weeks low price is Rs 410.60.

Company summary

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. or ZEEL is a leading company in India operating in the entertainment and mass media sector. The present market cap is Rs 42639.91 crores. It is a large-cap company.

ZEEL limited earns its revenue largely from the entertainment and mass media industry and related services. Recent audited data for the financial year ending on 31 March 2018, shows ZEEL has earned Rs 3864.00 crores from advertisements which amounted to 66.67% of total sales value. In addition, income from subscriptions was Rs 1541.00 crores contributing to 26.58% of total sales. In addition to the above, earnings from television content contributed Rs 261.20 crores which amount to 4.50% of total sales, earnings from commission contributed Rs 80.40 crores, revenue from transmission contributed Rs 42.00 crores amounting to 0.72% of total sales value and income from other operating works contributed Rs 7.00 crores (0.12% of total sales value).

After the end of the second quarter of 2018 fiscal which ended on 30 June 2018, ZEEL reported a consolidated sales of Rs 1975.86 crores, which showed an increase of 11.50% from the last quarter sales which was Rs 1772.03 crores and increased by 24.89% from the same quarter of the previous fiscal which was the Rs 1582.05 crores. ZEEL reported a net profit after tax of Rs 385.92 crores in the latest quarter.

The top management of ZEEL includes Mr Adesh Kumar Gupta, Dr Subhash Chandra, Mr Ashok Kurien, Mr Punit Goenka, Mr Manish Chokhani, Mr Subodh Kumar, Prof Sunil Sharma, Prof Neharika Vohra.

The company has appointed M/S Deloitte Haskins u0026amp; Sells LLP as its auditors.

As on 30 September 2018, the company has a total of 960,463,070 nos of shares outstanding.

Shareholding pattern

The ZEEL Share Price shareholding pattern of ZEEL currently has different shareholders in the manner mentioned below.

  • The promoter and promoter group of companies hold 281,057,408 nos of shares which are equivalent to 29.26% of total shares.
  • The foreign institutions or FIIs hold 391,939,474 nos of shares amounting to 40.81% of total shares.
  • Foreign promoters hold 118,702,804 nos of shares which are equivalent to 12.36% of total shares.
  • The non-banking financial institutions or NBFCs and mutual funds together hold 56,072,676 nos of shares or 5.84% of total nos of shares.
  • Financial institutions hold  49,234,861 nos of shares amounting to 5.13% of total shares.
  • General public holds 317,869,617 nos of shares which is equivalent to 1.86% of total shares.
  • Others hold 44,173,990 nos or shares or 4.60% of total shares.
  • In addition, the Central Government holds a total number of 1,412,240 nos shares which are equivalent to 0.15% of total nos of shares.

Shares held by different mutual fund companies (portfolio as on 31 October 2018)

  • SBI mutual fund in the scheme ETF Nifty 50-D  which is a large-cap fund holds 5264902 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 237.60 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Equity u0026amp; Debt Fund Direct-Growth which is an aggressive hybrid equity fund holds a total of 5488839 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 247.60 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Value Discovery Direct-Growth which is a value-oriented equity fund holds a total of 3650000 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 164.65 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Balanced Advantage Direct-Growth which is a dynamic asset allocation equity fund holds a total of 2899251 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 130.79 crores.
  • Aditya Birla mutual fund in the scheme SL Frontline Equity Direct-G which is a large-cap equity fund holds 4972613 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 224.31 crores.

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