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HCL Tech Share Price Graph And news

HCL Technologies Limited is a large-cap company in the tech sector. It belongs to the Nifty 50 group of companies. Therefore HCL Tech share price fluctuations affect the movement of the benchmark index.

HCL Tech Share Price Graph

HCL Technologies Share Price Chart

HCL Tech is a global IT giant having a strong presence in more than 31 countries. After 1999, ever since it first came up with IPO it strengthened its global presence. Focusing mostly on outsourcing jobs, it led the boom in Indian IT industry and grew in multiples. Its business area includes outsourcing, IT solution providing, software and hardware engineering, remote management of office infrastructure, B2B and B2C service providing and IT-related Ru0026amp;D services.

As on 31st March 2014, on LTM basis, HCL Tech and its subsidiaries amassed the whopping US $ 5.2 billions of revenue from its business in India and abroad. Extensive offshore services for global companies, maintaining holistic approach in all sorts of IT related services including manufacturing services, consumer services, financial services, public services, life science, and healthcare services helped HCL Tech earn its revenue with a considerable year on year growth. In all 31 countries where it has spread its business arm, it has gained more and more customers on the basis of its goodwill.

The BPO arm of HCL tech led it business in these 31 countries. In addition, HCL Tech provides end to end business solution to its customers. HCL Tech has partnered with several Fortune 1000 companies on a project to project basis to cater to the need of its international customers. These partnerships along with its holistic approach to providing the business solution have strengthened the company and increased its profit margin manifold.

Today this $ 5.2 billion company is one of the leaders in Indian IT sector which has been awarded several times by national and international bodies for its excellence in its field.

Company Financials

HCL Tech share price is Rs 842.10 (as on 19.06.17, EOD) in BSE. As per the latest data, the standalone basis P/E is 17.42 versus average industry PE of 17.86, EPS is Rs 48.16. Market cap is Rs 1,10,724 crores. The face value of a share is Rs 2.

HCL Tech share price was Rs 1055.60 at the end of 31 October 2018 in the National Stock Exchange. The present market cap is Rs 139892.73 crores. The earning per share or EPS is Rs 57.09 as per the average share price of the trailing 12 months data. The price over earning ratio or P/E stands at 18.49. The Book Value per share is Rs 261.35. The price over book value ratio or P/BV 4.02. The Dividend yield is 1.14%. The 52 weeks high price is Rs 1125.05 and 52 weeks low is Rs 824.85.

The quarter ending June 2018 reported a sales figure of Rs 14,860.00 crores. Other operating income stands at Rs 0.00 crores. The operating profit stands at Rs 3463.00 crores. Other income stands at Rs 284.00 crores. The EBITDA is Rs 3747.00 crores. The net profit stands at Rs 2534.00 crores. The earning per share or EPS of this quarter stands at Rs 18.15.

Company Summary

HCL Technologies Ltd. is a Large Cap company operating in the Indian information technology sector.

HCL Technologies Ltd. earns its revenue primarily from software development projects and sales of computer hardware and software. The audited report of the fiscal 2017 – 2018 shows that the company earned its revenue from Rs 21859.00 crores from Software Development Charges amounting to 99.03 % of total sales value and sales from computer hardware u0026amp; software contributed Rs 214.00 crores or 0.96 % of total sales value.

For the quarter ended 30 September 2018, HCL Tech reported a consolidated sales of Rs 14860.00 crores which shows an increase of 7.08 % from last quarter sales of Rs 13878.00 crores and the same increased by 19.52 % from the previous year same quarter sales of Rs 12433.00 crores. The company has reported a net profit after tax of Rs 2534.00 crores in the quarter ending 30 June 2018.

The company’s top management includes Mr Deepak Kapoor, Dr Sosale Shankara Sastry,  Mr James Philip Adamczyk, Mr Shiv Nadar, Mr Ramanathan Srinivasan, Mr Sudhindar Krishan Khanna, Mr Subramanian Madhavan, Ms Nishi Vasudeva, Mr Thomas Sieber, Ms Roshni Nadar Malhotra, Ms Robin Abrams.

HCL Tech appointed M/S S R Batliboi u0026amp; Co. LLP as its auditors.

As on 30 September 2018, the company has a total of 1,392,521,664 nos of shares outstanding.

Shareholding Pattern

The HCL Tech Share Price shareholding pattern of the company currently has different shareholders in the manner as mentioned below.

  • The promoters and promoter group of the company hold 603,992,799 nos of shares which is equivalent to 43.37% of total shares.
  • The foreign institutions or FIIs hold 390,099,130 nos of shares amounting to 28.01% of total shares.
  • The foreign promoters hold 233,887,811 nos of shares or 16.80% of shares.
  • The NBFCs and mutual funds together hold 67,554,905 nos of shares or 4.85% of total shares.
  • Other financial institutions hold 46,069,420 nos of shares amounting to 3.31% of total shares.
  • General public holds 32,294,587 nos of shares which is equivalent to 2.32% of total shares.
  • Others hold 18,541,995 nos or shares or 1.33% of total shares.
  • In addition, a total number of 81,017 nos shares which are equivalent to 0.01% of total shares are subscribed by the Central Government.

Shares held by different mutual fund companies (portfolio as on 30 September 2018)

  • Aditya Birla mutual fund in the scheme SL Frontline Equity Direct-G Fund which is Large Cap fund holds 4806996 nos of shares amounting to Rs 522.90 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential Equity u0026amp; Debt Direct-Growth Fund holds 4366121 nos of shares amounting to Rs 474.95 crores.
  • SBI mutual fund in the scheme ETF Nifty 50-D  which is a large-cap fund holds 5094184 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 554.15 crores.
  • ICICI Prudential mutual fund in the scheme Balanced Advantage Direct-Growth which is a Hybrid Dynamic Asset Allocation fund holds 4509924 nos of shares equivalent to Rs 490.59 crores.
  • DSP mutual fund in the scheme Equity Opportunities Direct Plan-Growth which is a Large u0026amp; MidCap fund holds 2174886 nos of shares amounting to Rs 236.58 crores.

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