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Gail Share Price

Gail (India) Limited is a large-cap company in industrial gases and fuels sector of industries in India. Gail (India) Limited belongs to the Nifty 50 group of companies. For this reason fluctuations in Gail share price affects the benchmark index.

Gail Share Price Graph

Gail Share Price Chart

Gail otherwise known as Gas Authority of India Limited was established in 1984. It was incorporated to provide infrastructure in the gas sector with a view to creating sustainable growth in the gas sector. Gail is the flagship company of India in the natural gas segment. In 2002, the name Gail (India) Limited came into being.

In 1991, the Hazira-Vijaipur-Jagdishpur (HVJ) 2800 km pipeline inaugurated to enable distribution of gas. Later within a couple of years, three LPG plants came into being and some regional pipelines were acquired by Gail. The whole procedure enabled Gail to start full-fledged operation of carriage and distribution of LPG to different areas.

By 1997 Gail advanced its operation by starting to distribute CNG (compressed natural gas) through 9 CNG stations for a vast fleet of commercial vehicles in Delhi. In 1999, the first petrochemical plant of India was set up at Pata.

Gail added another feather to its crown when it started world’s longest pipeline for distribution of LPG along Jamnagar – Loni incidentally which was also first cross country LPG distribution pipeline of India.

Gail, with a view to becoming a leader, has always been on the lookout for strategic diversification. in 2001, it started leasing bandwidth for telecom companies through its newly formed subsidiary Gailtel. Later Gail also diversified its business into the business of power, liquid hydrocarbons.

The global energy sector is always evolving. Gail has put a strong foothold in this ever-changing scenario commencing distribution of clean fuel to industries. It has also made possible vertical integration of by bringing major consumers in India, LPG terminals, major gas fields and cross-border source of natural gas into one network.

Company Financials

GAIL share price is Rs 380.70 (as on 19.06.17, EOD) in BSE. As per the latest data on gail share price, the standalone basis P/E is 18.24 versus average industry PE of 19.70, EPS is Rs 20.71. Market cap is Rs 63,906 crores. The face value of a share is Rs 10.

GAIL share closed at Rs 359.60 on 30 October 2018 in the NSE. The present market cap is Rs 81058.82 crores. The earning per share or EPS is Rs 21.52 as per the average trailing 12 months data. The price over earning ratio or P/E stands at 16.71. The Book Value per share is Rs 184.99. The price over book value ratio or P/BV 1.95. The Dividend yield is 2.53%. The 52 weeks high price is Rs 399.40 and 52 weeks low is Rs 295.25.

Company Summary

GAIL (India) Ltd. more commonly known as GAIL is a Large Cap company. The company operates in the Indian Petroleum sector.

GAIL earns its revenue from mostly from the sale of Natural Gas. But there are other sources of earning as well. The audited financial report of Gail Ltd. for the year ended 31 March 2018 shows that the company has earned Rs 38213.13 crores from the sales of Natural Gas amounting to 78.17% of total sales, earned Rs 5377.28 crores from the sales of Polymers amounting to 11.00% of total sales value, Rs 2399.76 crores earned from sales of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) amounting to 4.90% of total sales, revenue from sales of services contributed Rs 1707.33 crores ( 3.49% of total sales ), Sale of Propane contributed Rs 397.76 crores amounting to 0.81% of total sales value, sale of Naptha contributed Rs 246.45 crores (0.50% of total sales value) and sale if other products contributed Rs 222.29 crores amounting to 0.45% of total sales. In addition to the revenue earned from the sale of products already mentioned, GAIL also earned revenue from other operating income which contributed Rs 94.24 crores (0.19% of sales value), the sale of Propane contributed Rs 93.74 crores which contributed 0.19% to total sales, revenue from Power contributed Rs 68.05 crores (o.13% of sales value), sales from crude oil contributed Rs 34.23 crores (0.07% of total sales value), sales from Butane contributed Rs 26.00 crores (0.05% of sales value) and income from telecommunication earned Rs 2.73 crores (0.00% of sales value).

For the quarter ended 30 June 2018, the company reported a standalone sales of Rs 17298.59 crores which has increased by 12.11% from the last quarter (ended in March 2018)  sales of Rs 15430.69 crores and sales increased by 51.66% from the sales of the same quarter of the previous year which was Rs 11406.47 crores. In the quarter ending 30 June 2018, the company has reported a net profit after tax of Rs 1259.25 crores.

The company‚Äôs top management includes Dr Ashutosh Karnatak, Dr A K Pujari, Dr Rahul Mukherjee, Mr Ashish Chatterjee, Mr Anupam Kulshrestha, Mr B C Tripathi, Mr.Gajendra Singh, Mr Sanjay Tandon, Mr Dinkar Prakash Srivastava, Mr Jayanto Narayan Choudhury, Mr P K Gupta, Mr Manoj Jain,  Mr S K Srivastava, Mrs Banto Devi Kataria, Mr Subir Purkayastha, Ms Indrani Kaushal.

GAIL (India) Ltd. has appointed M/S ASA u0026amp; Associates LLP as its auditors.

As on 30 September 2018, the company has a total of 2,255,070,933 shares outstanding.

Shareholding Pattern

Gail share price pattern currently has different shareholders in the manner as stated below.

  • The promoters and promoter group of the company hold 1,196,872,456 nos of shares which is equivalent to 53.07% of total shares.
  • The foreign institutions or FIIs hold 418,007,497 nos of shares amounting to 18.54% of total shares.
  • The non-banking financial institutions or NBFCs and mutual funds together hold 234,029,654 nos of shares or 10.60% of total shares.
  • The Central Government holds 175,171,948 nos of shares or 7.77% of total shares.
  • Other financial institutions hold 119,520,209 nos of shares amounting to 5.30% of total shares.
  • Others hold 54,337,125 nos or shares or 2.41% of total shares.
  • General public holds 35,927,672 nos of shares which is equivalent to 1.59% of total shares.
  • In addition, a total number of 16,209,367 shares are subscribed to GDR which is equivalent to 0.72% of total shares.

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