BSE Bulk Deals

What is a bulk deal? When any institutional investor or any big retail investor buys or sells more than 0.5% of equity shares of any company it is called a bulk deal. When these bulk deals are done in Bombay Stock Exchange it is called BSE Bulk Deals. Similarly there can be NSE Bulk Deals.

DateCompanyClientTransactionQuantityTrade PriceClose Price
18-Apr-2019B C Power ContrACHINTYA SECURITIES PVT. LTD.Sell32302239.8940.35
18-Apr-2019B C Power ContrACHINTYA SECURITIES PVT. LTD.Buy32302239.7340.35
18-Apr-2019Darjeeling RopeKRUTI KEVIN KAPADIABuy2100092.1392.15
18-Apr-2019Darjeeling RopeKRUTI KEVIN KAPADIASell2095792.0692.15
18-Apr-2019Diksha GreensSAURABH JAINSell5200064.8165.75
18-Apr-2019Grovy IndiaWISH WELL FINANCE & LEASING LTDBuy770125.225.2
18-Apr-2019Grovy IndiaDEBASHREE DEYSell770125.225.2
18-Apr-2019Mangal CreditSWATI SHARMASell17500459.0159.4
18-Apr-2019Naysaa SecSAGAR ANIL SHAHSell2800037.0637.4
18-Apr-2019Naysaa SecKIRTIKUMAR POPATLAL RANGEEBuy2400036.2337.4
18-Apr-2019Naysaa SecNILESH KISHANBHAI PANDYABuy240003737.4
18-Apr-2019Naysaa SecSANGHVI ASHVINKUMAR BSell200003637.4
18-Apr-2019OsiajeeKIRAN DATTATRAYA WALKEBuy3800015.0715.3
18-Apr-2019OsiajeeDULCET ADVISORY PRIVATE LIMITED .Sell7000015.0515.3
18-Apr-2019Radhey TradeAMI CHINTANKUMAR SHAHBuy3500015.1615.16
18-Apr-2019Radhey TradePANKAJ KUMAR AGARWALSell4010015.1615.16
18-Apr-2019Shailja Comm.SAMIR PRAKASH MEHTABuy3058222.221.95
18-Apr-2019Shailja Comm.PUNITA MANISH MEHTABuy5000022.6621.95
18-Apr-2019Shailja Comm.SAMIR PRAKASH MEHTASell600021.6921.95
18-Apr-2019Shailja Comm.KUSUM AGARWALSell3078522.7521.95
18-Apr-2019Shailja Comm.ARVIND SHANTILAL SHAHBuy200002221.95
18-Apr-2019Shree DigvijayANAGHA ADVISORS LLPBuy211677818.3118.35
18-Apr-2019Shreeshay EnginHARSHA RAJESHBHAI JHAVERISell10400022.1120.55
18-Apr-2019Shreeshay EnginS K GROWTH FUND PVT LTDBuy2720002220.55
18-Apr-2019Shreeshay EnginARYAMAN BROKING LIMITEDBuy1600020.5520.55
18-Apr-2019Shreeshay EnginOVERSKUD MULTI ASSET MANAGEMENT PRIVATE LIMITEDSell8800021.8820.55
18-Apr-2019Shreeshay EnginARYAMAN BROKING LIMITEDSell800002220.55
18-Apr-2019Siddharth EducaSUSHIL DATTARAM SURVESell8000032.4332.05
18-Apr-2019Siddharth EducaMINAKSHI SINGHSell4400035.2532.05
18-Apr-2019Siddharth EducaJINESH VASTUPAL DOSHISell8000032.8232.05
18-Apr-2019Siddharth EducaKAPIL RAHUL KASBESell14400035.2832.05
18-Apr-2019Siddharth EducaMADHAV KUMARIL BHAGWATBuy10000033.8932.05
18-Apr-2019Siddharth EducaMINAKSHI SINGHBuy10000035.332.05
18-Apr-2019Upasana FinanceSUBRAMANIAM REVATHI VENKATESHSell3200054.2856.7

A bulk deal can be executed anytime during the trading hours. Before executing these kind of trades the exchange needs to be informed and the investor need to get the no objection from the exchange.

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Why Is Bulk Deals Important?
Bulk deals can be used even by retail investors for picking good stocks. Read how you can use BSE Bulk Deals data for successfully finding stocks for tomorrow’s trade.