BSE Bulk Deals

What is a bulk deal? When any institutional investor or any big retail investor buys or sells more than 0.5% of equity shares of any company it is called a bulk deal. When these bulk deals are done in Bombay Stock Exchange it is called BSE Bulk Deals. Similarly there can be NSE Bulk Deals.

DateCompanyClientTransactionQuantityTrade PriceClose Price
15-Feb-2019Alexander StampOMSHANTHI COMMODITIESSell2000020.7120.9
15-Feb-2019Alexander StampOMSHANTHI COMMODITIESBuy6000021.120.9
15-Feb-2019B C Power ContrACHINTYA SECURITIES PVT. LTD.Buy57299640.3840.1
15-Feb-2019B C Power ContrACHINTYA SECURITIES PVT. LTD.Sell49581440.1540.1
15-Feb-2019B C Power ContrPREMCHANDBHAI RAMCHANDBHAI GIDVANI .Buy32900040.2640.1
15-Feb-2019B C Power ContrJANAKBHAI KANTIBHAI GOHEL .Sell30500040.540.1
15-Feb-2019Gujarat Hy-SpinMARISHA HARDIK MOTTASell2300004.775.5
15-Feb-2019Jet InfraPRADEEP CHIMANBHAI MISTRYSell120007878
15-Feb-2019Panafic IndBADRINARAYANAN SEETHARAMANSell6344960.580.58
15-Feb-2019Panafic IndRAMA KRISHNA INFRASOL PRIVATE LIMITEDBuy8257420.580.58
15-Feb-2019Prime CustomerSAMIR ROHITBHAI SHAHBuy34000115.25113.4
15-Feb-2019Rajnish WellnesDHWAJA SHARES & SECURITIES PVT LTDBuy102000182.26168.6
15-Feb-2019Sahyog CreditsVIKAS GARGSell11619423.3122.78
15-Feb-2019Shailja Comm.YAGNIK DILIP WAGHELABuy1928116.6516.65
15-Feb-2019Shailja Comm.SANGITA AGARWALSell3500016.6816.65
15-Feb-2019Shailja Comm.SATISH KUMAR DALMIYASell3000016.6516.65
15-Feb-2019Shailja Comm.YASH MANISH MEHTASell3000016.7816.65
15-Feb-2019Thomas ScottL D INVESTMENTSBuy245021010
15-Feb-2019Thomas ScottPLUTUS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLPSell245021010
15-Feb-2019Umiya TubesSEJALBEN PRAYASHKUMAR SATHVARABuy538009.39.3
15-Feb-2019Umiya TubesSEJALBEN PRAYASHKUMAR SATHVARASell538009.299.3
15-Feb-2019Umiya TubesANKIT SATISHKUMAR SHAHBuy538509.299.3
15-Feb-2019Umiya TubesANKIT SATISHKUMAR SHAHSell60279.39.3

A bulk deal can be executed anytime during the trading hours. Before executing these kind of trades the exchange needs to be informed and the investor need to get the no objection from the exchange.

Why Is Bulk Deals Important?
Bulk deals can be used even by retail investors for picking good stocks. Read how you can use BSE Bulk Deals data for successfully finding stocks for tomorrow’s trade.

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