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KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Review, Price, Date

KLM Axiva Finvest limited

The non-banking financial company is recognized as the non-deposit taking and non-systematically company. Low and middle-income individuals and business get the first preference from the bank. The Hyderabad based bank was incorporated in 1997. The company’s operation is centered mainly in three sections, gold loans, MSME loans (Micro, Medium and Small Enterprises), Personal Loans. The Company service also includes microfinance. This article will totally cover the KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Review section along with issue details, prospectus, financial statements of the particular company.

KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Review Issue Details

  • The issue opens on- Sep 27, 2018
  • The issue close on- Oct 26, 2018
  • Issue Type: Fixed Price Issue NCD
  • Face value: Rs. 1000 Per NCD
  • Issue size: 1,000,000 NCD’s of Rs. 1000
  • Issue size: Rs. 100 Crore
  • Issue price: Rs. 1000 Per NCD
  • Market lot: 1 NCD
  • Listing At: BSE
  • Minimum order quantity: 5 NCD
  • DRHP: Click here

Objectives of Issuing NCD

  • Collection of enough capital for payments, lending, and financing purpose is one of the main objectives of issuing NCD.
  • The general corporate purpose like enhancing corporate image, the brand name can also be the objectives.
  • Through NCD, the company can raise its fund without raising the equity capital.
  • NCD (Non-convertible debenture) carries a high-interest rate.

About KLM Axiva Finvest

  • The bank generally serves low and middle-income individuals and business.
  • People or business those who have limited access to formal banking, get the first preference from the company.
  • Besides the business loan, the company provides gold loans against household jewelry, personal and MSME enterprises.
  • The company also offers microfinance loans for women.
  • In the three states Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, there are altogether 76 branches. Their corporate registered office is located at Kochi.
  • As per the data 2017, AUM stands at 9,135.68 lakhs and 18,131.44 lakhs.

Product Portfolio

  • Money Transfer
  • Gold Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Investment.

Registered Office

Subodh Business Centre 408,
at Malik Chambers, Hyderguda,
In Hyderabad – 500 029,
Telangana, India

Company Management

  • Non-Executive Chairman (Independent)- Dr. Alexander John Joseph
  • Whole-Time Director- Mr. Josekutty Xavier
  • Whole-Time Director- Mr. Shibu Theckumpurathu Varghese
  • Non-Executive Director (Non-Independent)- Ms. Biji Shibu
  • Non-Executive Director (Non-Independent)- Mr. James Joseph Arambankudyil
  • Independent Director (Additional)- Mr. Issac Jacob

Financial Statement

klm axiva finvest ncd review

KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Review

In the profit-loss record, the company has provided an annual report from 2013 to 2017. For the fiscal year 2018, the company gives past 11 months performance detail which is much higher than the previous years. Now, move on to the DRHP of the selected company. From the DRHP, we get to know about quantity details of the company. The company’s debt-equity ratio stands at 5.41 (Post Issue). If we talk about the role of a merchant banker, it’s quite inactive. Our analysis says this KLM Axiva Finvest NCD Review is NEGATIVE. Highly risk-taking investors may try for it. Otherwise, stay away from the NCD or apply at your own risk.

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