Reasons to Join Algorithmic Trading Training Online Course

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So, Algo trading or auto trading is in the air for quite some time now. Previously also I have written posts on Algo trading OR auto trading OR algorithmic trading in my site. You can read my earlier post here: How To Start Auto Trading Or Algo Trading In NSE or MCX Using Amibroker. In fact, I am working on this subject since 2013 from my good old days with Master Capital Services when I was an Authorized Person with Master Trust. Since then we felt the need for a good Algorithmic Trading Training Online Course.

Saurabh was my colleague in Master Trust and he was looking after all those client services in Algo trading with Amibroker and Nest Trader. By qualification, he is a CMT (Chartered Market Technician), so when he approached me with his new 2 month’s course on algorithmic trading training online, I immediately decided to promote his course to my readers because I knew he is the real master in this field. Classes are starting end of February 2017. You can join his course by clicking HERE.

In this course, Saurabh will teach you the basics of Algo trading and he will step by step guide you in creating a full-fledged Algo trading setup for you. Amibroker will be the main medium of the logic writing and Saurabh will give you hands-on knowledge in connecting Amibroker to Interactive Brokers TWS (Trader’s Work Station) OR Nest Trader OR Sharekhan TradeTiger OR ZERODHA PI.

Algorithmic Trading Training Online

After this algorithmic trading training online course, you will be able to identify spread trading opportunities and selecting spreads automatically with Amibroker. Once your Algo trading setup is complete I suggest you host the complete setup – Amibroker + Data + Trading Terminal to a good VPS (Virtual Private Server).

So, forget the hazards of money management, market news, start Algo trading in 2017 with Amibroker and ZERODHA PI (recommended). For any questions on this training programme to get in touch with our support team on our CONTACT PAGE.

Reasons to Join Algorithmic Trading Training Online Course

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