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IPO Watch Android App

NFPL has come out with a very simple but useful android app – IPO Watch. To download the app please go to google play store and search for IPO Watch. All upcoming IPO in NSE and BSE are listed in the app.

What is an IPO?
IPO or initial public offerings are when the first time a companies share is listed on the stock exchange. Generally, IPOs are offered at the face value ort at some premiums to the public. It is also called the primary market. Many investors mainly invest in the IPOs and handsomely rewarded. Long-term investors buy the shares in the IPOs at a much cheaper rate and later sells them when the price goes up in long term.

There are few websites to analyse IPOs. But there was the necessity of a mobile application. This new app IPO Watch will bridge the gap. Here not only the investors will be able to see the forthcoming IPOs but also it has a handy recommendation tool so that the investor can easily judge whether or not to invest in the IPO.

IPO Watch

There are 3 tabs in the app, number one is Current / Upcoming IPO, next is Past IPO. Check the screenshot above to understand how the app lists IPOs and also recommends them. There is another tab called News which pulls out important news from NSE and BSE data sources.

The best part of this android app is it’s FREE. To download this android app just type IPO Watch in google play search bar and you will be redirected to the app. You can easily install the app from the google play store in a few mouse clicks.

If you want to know more about investing in an IPO you can read this post on how to apply IPO.

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