IPO Performance

In this page you can find the performance report of the past IPOs of NSE and BSE exchange. IPO performance are listed by equity / issue name, issue price, list date, open, close, listing gains, current market price and current gains. You can also tally these IPO performance with our past IPO review.

EquityIssue priceListed DateOpenCloseListing Gains (%)CMPCurrent gains (%)
Suich Industrie7513th Jun68.571.35-4.8765.55-12.6
Cian Healthcare6523rd May6261.5-5.3858.7-9.69
Par Drugs5116th May52.9-45.85-10.1
Artemis6014th May7069.8516.4210676.67
Evans Electric5213th May52.254.85.38157.95203.75
White Organic6310th May64.264.32.0683.0531.83
Neogen08th May251263.550380.05
G K P Printing328th May34.2359.384540.63
V R Films6130th Apr6260-1.6499.9563.85
Jinaam's Dress5925th Apr5956.1-4.9235.75-39.41
Polycab53816th Apr633-589.359.54
Metropolis88015th Apr960959.559.04958.68.93
Kalpatarus3812th Apr36.5-36.15-4.87
Rail Vikas1911th Apr1919.050.2626.7540.79
Osia Hyper Reta2525th Apr267-28513.1
Northern Spirit434th Apr43.1-37.5-12.79
Embassy Office3001st Apr300314.14.7359.5319.84
MSTC12829th Mar111114.2-10.7891.1-28.83
Artedz Fabs3629th Mar40-38.757.64
Humming Bird13228th Mar13213201320