How To Install The Amibroker AFL Library In Your PC?

Amibroker AFL Library

Very good news the Amibroker AFL Library, as well as the Trend Blaster Yahoo group is now open for all paid members as well as trial seekers too. Why we opened yahoo group entry to even trial seekers, we want to get valuable inputs even from the trial clients for betterment of the trading system.

Our Yahoo Group

The Trend Blaster Trading System For Amibroker installer file is available for trial at our site at Trend Blaster page. Members should join the Yahoo group at Please login with your Yahoo id & password to receive future updates. [JOINING TO THE YAHOO GROUP HAS BEEN STOPPED WITH EFFECT FROM 1ST JAN 2016]

How to install AmiBroker AFL Library?

Trend Blaster Payment Page
Amibroker AFL Library
Amibroker AFL Library

Trial seekers or paid members login to our site as per the link in Then download the file Amibroker_AFL_Library.exe to desktop by right clicking and selecting “Save Target As”. If you have purchased the system, we will mail you the full version setup file in mail. If you received the installer file in mail save it in desktop as well.

Once the installer file is downloaded double click on the installer.

Now follow the on-screen instructions to install from the file. Choose to place an icon on the desktop (recommended). After the Amibroker AFL Library is installed run it. First time installs need to locate the Amibroker’s installation directory. Click on BROWSER.

Now, locate your Amibroker installation folder and click on OK. Remember this is needed only once.

How to Activate the System?

Ask for the user id and password from us by mailing at [email protected] or you may also connect to LIVE CHAT in our site.

For trial seekers or paid members will mail you back a User Name and a Password like the following.

User Name: demo10
Password: demo10

Amibroker Blank Screen
Trend Blaster V4.0

Login and it will show you “Logged in successfully”. After that run Amibroker and you will see a folder called AFL Library in your Amibroker Charts tree. Expand that, and you will find your allocated AFL (in this case Trend Blaster Trading System or in case TBTS) in the folder.

Double click on TBTS123 afl or drag drop it to a blank chart and this will load Trend Blaster Trading System on your chart. Remember, only if you have subscribed to any other trading system from us you will be able to see those AFLs also in the AFL Library folder.

Time to time we will add new Amibroker AFLs in the Amibroker AFL Library. So its a must to have in your trading arsenal. Happy trading!!!

2019 Update: AmiBroker AFL Library has been discontinued on 2018.

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