How To Get Free Data For Commodity Exchange In Metastock And Amibroker

Commodity Market Data

Analyze the key points to get free data for commodity exchange in Metastock and Amibroker platform
On this quick tutorial, you’ll get to know the methods of getting the free end of day data for commodity exchange in Metastock and Amibroker platform. Under the post, you’re going to find the hyperlink to Data Downloader, developed by Joydeep. Kindly obtain Data Downloader and unzip it. Now run Data Downloader exe file via clicking on the program icon.

commodity exchange

As soon as it runs, go through Settings –> Choose Data Paths and put the MCX EOD folder for your Data Downloader folder. As soon as your data direction is ready click on Download –> EOD Information –> MCX EOD. Make a selection present 12 months or archive for 12 months and put the dates you need to obtain the information for. Now click on on the large download button and it is going to begin downloading free end of day data for commodity exchange. As soon as the download of free information for commodity exchange is finished close data downloader and open the MCX EOD folder. You’ll see ascii records data at no cost, downloaded for commodity exchange is now existing within the folder. Close the folder.

Now open The Downloader of Metastock. Click on Instruments –> Convert. In supply put, file kind ASCII, Folder make a selection the folder MCX EOD within the Data Downloader folder and file identify choose the records data you simply downloaded by way of Data Downloader. In destination spot, file type Metastock and folder make a choice any folder that you wish to have to make use of to maintain your Metastock data. We advise you to create a brand new folder to maintain Metastock data for commodity exchange. Click on OPTIONS and in date vary put dates of the data downloaded. In the first date put the date of the initial day of the data and within the final date, we recommend you to make use of nowadays’s date. In periodicity be sure it’s DAILY. Now click on OK and once more click on OK.

Now you are going to see the commodity exchange data is getting transformed in Metastock format. As soon as it’s finished close the downloader and run Metastock. Now see you will see that commodity exchange data for your Metastock.

commodity exchange

To import the data into Amibroker please create a brand new database and pull the data the usage of the Metastock Library plugin. Or that you can also immediately import the commodity exchange data in Amibroker using the import ascii possibility.

Right here is your hyperlink to obtain Information Downloader with which it is possible for you to obtain stock and commodity exchange knowledge. You could freely obtain and use the info downloader by using clicking the button beneath.

2017 Update: The data downloader does not work anymore..

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