How to Earn 1000 Rs Per Day from Share Market?

How to Earn 1000 Rs Per Day from Share Market

Though previously, we’ve covered similar topics like this, today’s is more specific. Here, the discussion point is on the ways by which one can earn 1000 Rs/day from the share market. So, let’s go ahead and find the answer How to Earn 1000 Rs Per Day from Share Market?

Earning money is not always tough if you have sufficient knowledge and experience.

How to Earn 1000 Rs Per Day from Share Market?

Nowadays, almost all the brokers company provide leverage on the capital. So, it is easy for investors to make investment with a small capital.

Here, are some of the well known strategies to earn 1000 Rs,/day from the market.

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Small Profit with Multiple Trades

The share market is driven my some of the psychological factors also like fear, greed. So, try to not fall in the trap. Booking small profit with multiple trades can be a best strategy to get money from the stock market.

Cut Down Losses

The next and important strategy is to cut down the losses by applying stop loss. Keep your stop loss proportionate to target. In this way, you can minimize the loss portion.

Invest on the Confident Stock

Always be sure of the stocks you are going to invest on. Do not rely on others’ analysis until and unless you have done your own. Only invest on the stocks with which you are confident enough.

Avoid Over-trading

Sometimes, fear and greed lead traders to do over-trading which is not advisable. It is quite important to select some stocks and take the position only in them. Also, one should remember that in trading every day traders will not make profits. Therefore, (if markets are not supportive ) a trader has taken multiple positions he will have no other option but to book a loss. Thus, the very important rule for profitable intraday trading is to know your limits and trade within it.

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