How Much One Can Earn in Day Trading in India?

How Much One Can Earn in Day Trading in India

It is one of the commonly asked questions before entering into the intraday trading that How Much One Can Earn in Day Trading in India. The answer can’t be in a single sentence, because there is no limit of earnings in the stock market.

The article will open up the factors and tactics. By applying these tactics one can earn a generous profit from the stock market.

How Much One Can Earn in Day Trading in India?

First of all, you need to be clear about one thing, that is, there is no limit of investment here. One can start trading with 1000 rs or 100,000 rs too. There is no capital boundaries.

Here, are some of the most experienced strategies by which earnings money from the stock market become easier.

Trade High Volume Based Shares

This is the first and foremost strategy to enter in a intraday trading. Always look for High volume or liquid shares. Volume means transaction in a certain period of time. As in intraday trading, position must be closed before closing the trading hour, more liquid the stock, more possibility to earn profit.

Put Stop Loss Order to Limit the Loss

Stop loss is a price limit beyond which a trade should not be held. In other words, by putting a stop loss, one can limit the loss. In intraday, stop loss is a golden rule which every trader should follow to avoid maximum loss.

Eliminate Greed, Fear

In the stock market, greed and fear are the two main factors which affect traders most. Psychological factors divert the decision of traders most of the time. Therefore, it is advisable to eliminate greed and fear during trading time.

Entry and Exit Point

These are the main pillars to making an unlimited profit from the stock market. Traders need to identify the entry and exit point accurately. Without identifying the entry-exit point, one can’t move forward towards profit.

Follow the Trend

Always follow the trend, it is one of the safest and finest ways of making a profit in the stock market. Trading against the trend can be profitable for sometimes but most of the time it is advisable to follow the trend.

These are some of the basic concepts of making a profitable intraday trading. Now, we will share the practical or real concept of intraday.

Some of the popular and real tactics of intraday trading is given below:

If you want to become one of the most perfectionist traders, here are the guidelines which you can follow:

  • First, select limited stocks as per your choice.
  • Then follow the movement of the stocks regularly at least 15 days prior to trading.
  • Analyze the stocks with volume, indicators, oscillators. I personally like to use Supertrend, MA, VWAP, and oscillators as Stochastic, MACD, RSI.
  • If you follow these stocks regularly in the market hours, your accuracy level will be high enough within a few days on these stock. You can interpret every single price movement of them.
  • Based on the applied indicators and analysis fix the entry-exit point which is the most important part of starting trading.
  • The most important thing is to fix stop loss and target prior to investment.

In the stock market, profit and loss come almost simultaneously. One cannot avoid the loss completely. It is a part of intraday trading.

Author: Ankita Sarkar

Ankita is a graduate in English language and she has also done her MBA from the Calcutta University. She has a high knack in the stock markets. She is a NISM certified Research Analyst. An experienced stock market content writer Ankita is also trading successfully on her own account.

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