Trade Bullet Trading System (For AmiBroker)

Trade Bullet

What Is StockManiacs Trade Bullet Trading System?

StockManiacs trading system is now also known as Trade Bullet. It is a simple trend following trading system that is built to work on the AmiBroker platform. It works almost on every time frame. We have tested the trading system starting from the five minutes time frame to the daily time frame.

Trade Bullet trading system has colour coded candles initially to identify the trend. The system also has clear-cut buy and sell signals to help the trader get a clear entry and exit. Trade Bullet also has complete commentary on the screen to help the trader understand how much their profit and loss is running and what is the current market condition. Whenever the market gets overbought or oversold the trading system also warns the trader with triangular shapes to help them to understand that the market can go in the other direction.

The best part of the trading system is the trend filters. There are all total 3 trend filters present in the trading system. Whenever all the trend filters are of blue colour, it denotes that the market is in strong Bull trend. Similarly, when all the trend filters are of red colour it denotes that the market is in a strong bear grip. Whenever the trend filters do not match in colour, the trend is not too strong or the market is running sideways.

Trade Bullet Trading System

The trading system also has colour coded candles, with a blue candle denotes an uptrend, red candle denotes a downtrend, and a grey coloured candle suggests that there is no trend or the market is in sideways choppy trend. The trading system can be backtested in the AmiBoker platform and can also be optimised for best performance.

Currently, the Trade Bullet Trading System is only available to the members of the StockManiacs group who has opened a trading and demat account under our guidance, and who has also completed a certain level of brokerage under our team. The trading system is available absolutely free of cost, no money to be paid to use the trading system. We will provide you with a working function of AmiBroker as well as a free copy of Trade Bullet Trading System if you are having a trading account and demat account under us. The only cost that you need to incur is the data charges for the AmiBroker. Contact your own data vendor or we can suggest you some good data vendors who can provide data at a cheap rate, as well as their data quality, is up to the mark.

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