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Advanced Get Oscillator Coded In Amibroker

What is an oscillator? As the name suggests the oscillator is something that oscillates. In this post, I will describe something about the advanced get oscillator. As you know that advanced get is a software where you can understand the Elliott wave counts. But how to confirm the correctiveness of the elliott wave counts. There comes another indicator called advanced get oscillator or it is also called as Elliott Wave oscillator. In this post, I will describe the author later as well as I will give you a free amibroker afl of the oscillator.

What Is Advanced Get Oscillator?

The advanced get oscillator helps us to judge the correctness of the Elliott Wave. The Wave 3 is confirmed whenever the oscillator actually picks up and also create mount like structure. The end or wave 3 and wave 4 and the beginning of web 5 can be identified whenever the oscillator is back to the zero line. Thus a trader who is using advanced get can take a position not only based on the Elliott Wave but also he can confirm the trade with the Elliott Wave oscillator.

Free Amibroker AFL

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Down The Free AmiBroker AFL

You can download the free amibroker afl of the Elliott wave oscillator from below the post. You can test oscillator side by side with the advanced get the software and I have tested and found that the oscillator is almost identical to the Elliott Wave oscillator found in the actual advanced get software.


Not only the mount like structure but also the pullback as well as the divergence is used by the traders to understand the market direction. But the divergence is not so easy to trade. So the newbies must prepare their eyes first before they start using the divergence. The best way of confirming the divergence is to use a moving average along with the oscillator.

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