Fractal Chaos Oscillator Indicator In Zerodha Kite

Fractal Chaos Oscillator Indicator

Fractals are mathematical objects that are self-similar irrespective of scale. Edward W. Dreiss was the first man who started to use fractal geometry for purpose of measuring the price movements of different securities. He was an Australia based trader. We have already discussed Fractal Chaos Bands in our previous post. Now let’s discuss Fractal Chaos Oscillator indicator here. In this oscillator, fractals are connected to chaos theory and abstract mathematics and are helpful when applied to the market, since the market itself is dynamic and nonlinear.

In price movement charts, if the time scale is not given, sometimes it’s very hard to determine whether the bars in the chart are referring to hours, days or months. The chart always the same regardless of its time resolution, with the only difference being the size. This can be used to determine in the current level of resolution. Fractal Chaos Oscillator indicator is a great oscillator to use in intra-day trading.

How To Attach Fractal Chaos Oscillator Indicator In Zerodha Kite?

In Zerodha Kite you will get this indicator under the STUDIES section. You can only change the color of the indicator in Zerodha Kite. Rest all will be as per default. Watch the image below:

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Fractal Chaos Oscillator

In trading, fractals are called lagging indicators, that is a graph with a certain lag because a longer period of time is needed in order for a trend to be detected. In this oscillator, traders use fractals to determine reversals in market trends, and if a reversal is spotted, an important one especially, it will be spread on a high number of bars. In this trading if the trend change is negligible, then it is not worth taking into consideration and the trend will be unchanged. In this oscillator, the highest value from a determined period of time, enclosed on both sides by lower high values is called a bearish turning point and the lowest value on a determined time period, enclosed on both sides by higher low values is called a bullish turning point. Check the image below for interpretation.

Fractal Chaos Oscillator Calculation

Check the Reliance Industries chart below, how the Fractal Chaos Oscillator indicator is oscillating from the low point (bullish turning point) to the high point (bearish turning point).

Fractal Chaos

Fractal Chaos Oscillator indicator depends on the time interval selected by the trader. It checks the choppiness of the market versus its trendiness and expresses it in the form of a numeric value. In the variable markets, the indicator tends to return to 0. In trading markets, in a trend, the graph of this Oscillator becomes abrupt and essentially furthers itself from the 0 value, be it in a negative direction or a positive one.

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