Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale (OFS)

Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale ofs

Endurance Technologies is a leading manufacturer of a diverse range of technology-intensive automotive components in aluminum dies casting, suspension, transmission, braking systems. Here, we are going to discuss Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale (OFS). You may go through our previous write-up on Offer for Sale for basic details.

Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale (OFS) Details:

Now, let’s have a look at the Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale (OFS).

  • Security Type – OFS.
  • Symbol – ENDURANCE
  • Issue Period – 06 Mar 2019 to 07 Mar 2019 /March 6th, 2019 for Non-Retail Investors and March 7th,2019 for Retail Investors and Non Retail Investors who choose to carry forward their bids.
  • Start Time – 09:15
  • End Time – 15:30
  • Offer Size – No. of Shares 1,05,52,688
  • Issue Size: Base Offer Size – 63,63,637 shares and Additional Option to sell upto 41,89,051 shares ( Oversubscription Option ) Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 1,05,52,688 .
  • Offer Size for Retail Investors – 10,55,269
  • Base Offer Size – 6,36,364 shares and Oversubscription Option of 4,18,905 shares. Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 10,55,269. Cut off Price for RIC Bids has been fixed at Rs 1135.00 based on the clearing price of Non Retail Bids in ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGIES LTD.
  • Offer Size for Non Retail Investors –  94,97,419
  • Base Offer Size – 5727273 shares and Oversubscription Option of 37,70,146 shares. Total Shares (Base Size + Green Shoe) 94,97,419.
  • Face Value – 10.00
  • ISIN INE913H01037
  • Floor Price – 1,100.00
  • Lot Size – 1
  • Tick Price – 0.05
  • Minimum Bid Quantity – 1
  • Maximum Bid Quantity – 63,63,637
  • Allocation Methodology – Price Priority.

About The Company –

Endurance Technologies is one of India’s leading automotive component manufacturing companies. Anurang Engineering Company Private Limited which merged into this company in 2006, commenced manufacturing of aluminum castings in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India in FY 1986. Endurance Technologies have grown organically in India. Also, this company was diversified its capabilities by introducing suspension products, transmission products, and braking systems. Endurance Technologies starting their business with two aluminum casting machines in FY 1986. This company has also grown to operate 18 plants in India and 8 plants in Europe. Endurance Technologies is mainly the largest aluminum die casting manufacturer in India. Also, this is one of the leading automotive component manufacturers in aluminum die casting which is including alloy wheels, suspension, transmission and braking systems. Endurance Technologies are a complete solution provider from design to after-market service.

endurance technologies ofs

Endurance Technologies Products and Services in India include :

  • Raw and machined aluminum castings like high pressure die castings, low pressure dies castings and aluminum alloy wheels for motorcycles.
  • Suspension products of Endurance Technologies like shock absorbers for scooters, motorcycles and 3 wheeler, front fork for motorcycles and scooters, and also such as hydraulic dampers for quadricycles.
  • Transmission products of this company such as clutch assemblies, cork, and paper-based friction plates for motorcycles and three-wheelers and CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) assemblies for scooters.
  • Endurance Technologies one of the service Braking systems like hydraulic disc brake assemblies including calipers, master cylinder and rotary disc brake for motorcycles and scooters and hydraulic drum brake assemblies and tandem master cylinder for three wheelers.
  • After-market services of this company to cater to the replacement market.

In Europe Endurance Technologies predominantly cater to four wheeler OEMs, focusing on engine and transmission components. This company’s products include raw and machined aluminum castings (high pressure and gravity die castings products) and steel, cast iron and engineering plastic parts.


Address: E-92, MIDC Industrial Area,
Waluj, Aurangabad, Maharashtra,
India, 431136.
Phone : +91-240-2569600
Fax : +91-240-2569703
Email : [email protected]

Endurance Amann GmbH
Address : Jahnstrasse 19, Massenbachhausen, Germany, 74252.
Phone : +49-713-8990101
Fax : +49-713-8990333.

Endurance Overseas S.r.L
Address: Via Del Boschetto n. 2/43,
Lombardore (TO), Italy, 10040.
Phone : +39-011-9958756
Fax : +39-011-9958002
Email: [email protected]

The Board of Directors of this company :

  • Mr. Naresh Chandra is the Chairman and Non-Executive Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Anurang Jain is the Promoter and Managing Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Asanka Haren Edirimuni Rodrigo is a Non-Executive Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Partho Sarothy Datta is an Independent Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Soumendra Mohan Basu is an Independent Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Roberto Testore is an Independent Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Ramesh Gehaney is an Executive Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Satrajit Ray is an Executive Director of this Company.
  • Ms. Anjali Seth is an Independent Director of this Company.
  • Mrs. Falguni Nayar is an Independent Director of this Company.

Endurance Technologies Financials

Endurance Technologies limited ofs

As per the latest consolidated statement, the market cap of the company is 16,565.86. P/E or price to earnings is 35.80. EPS or Earnings Per share stands at the level of 32.90, Price/Book value 7.62.

Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale (OFS)

Based on the above details on Endurance Technologies Offer For Sale, investors may apply for the OFS. It is advisable to go through the details of the company and promoters first. They have a pretty good operational structure and company fundamentals along with an experienced management team. The above attachment carries its financial statement which shows the company’s profit limit is rising gradually. The bid program places on 7th March 2019. So, investors may take a chance on this OFS but only after a thorough self- analysis.

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