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Elliott Wave Calculator

Elliott Waves are one of the most important technical trigger for any financial market. As you know that any market always move in wave like structures. So even a declining market bounces up after a fall and even a rising market corrects after a rise. So if the bounce or correction can be predicted early it can be a great trading tool for the day traders. We have created few simple day trading tools in our site. One of them is Elliott Waves Calculator.

To access the Elliott Wave Calculator you can CLICK HERE. The page has boxes where you can input last trading days high, low and close. Lets analyze Nifty with this calculator. I have written the respective values of 14th February 2017 in the corresponsing cells. High – 8819.90, Low – 8772.65 and Close – 8782.25. Now I clicked on Calculate. And the Elliott Wave Calculator calculated today’s (15th February, 2017) instantly.

Given elliott wave counts by the calculator:
Wave 1 8772.65 – 8790.69
Wave 2 8790.69 – 8779.54
Wave 3 8779.54 – 8802.51
Wave 4 8802.51 – 8788.28
Wave 5 8788.28 – 8817.49
Wave A 8819.9 – 8790.69
Wave B 8790.69 – 8808.74
Wave C 8808.74 – 8785.78
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Automated BUY / SELL triggers given by the calculator:
Go Long at / above 8772.65. Keep Stoploss at 8763.87. Target 1 is 8790.69.
Go Long at / above 8779.54. Keep Stoploss at 8763.87. Target 2 is 8802.51.
Go Long at / above 8788.28. Keep Stoploss at 8779.54. Target 3 is 8817.49.

Now lets check what is the outcome of the BUY / SELL trigger. Check the image below:
Nifty Intraday Chart 15Feb2017
The Nifty index opened, made a low at 8777.65 and bounced up, made nigh of 8807.65. The first 2 trades target is achieved. This is the power of elliott waves and thats why this calculator is one of my favorite day trading tools.

Not only intraday trading, you can also use this Elliott Wave Calculator for positional or swing trading. At the weekend, simply enter the last week’s high, low and close and you can get next week’s swing trading levels instantly. If you have any questions about our day trading tools feel free to comment below the post.

Elliott Wave Calculator – Day Trading Tools

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