Earn Rs 15000 Per Month By Referring Friends To Zerodha

Zerodha Referral Commission

Friends, here I will show you a simple technique of how to earn Rs 15000 per month. I know you are already trading in the stock market as you are reading my blog. You are already making some bucks from the market. But there are other ways of earning money from the market. Please read this technique of earning risk-free money from the market.

Nowadays we recommend many things to our friends. We recommend some mobile phones, laptops, TV that we use or cars etc. But we do not get anything in return against these referrals. What about an idea if we get some money against referring our friends to the broker (ZERODHA) that we are trading with.

Zerodha Referral Program

Steps to earn Rs 15000 per month

Earn Rs 15000 Per Month

1) You should have an active account in Zerodha. If you do not have an account in Zerodha you can open an account by filling up the form above and we will get in touch with you for account opening.
2) Now ask among your friends who want to open a trading account with a reputed stockbroker.
3) Collect some friend’s name, phone number, and email ids.
4) Above you will see a small form to input name, phone number and email id.
5) Just put your friend’s name, phone number and email id in the form. Replace the default referral id with your 6 digit Zerodha client id.
6) Hit submit. The lead will be registered on Zerodha database.
7) Your friend will soon be contacted by some authorized representative of Zerodha and they will guide him about the account opening process.
8) Once the account is opened the same will be mapped under your client id and any brokerage generated by your friend, you will receive 10% share of that.

You can refer as many as friends or relatives as you like to refer in this way. See the image below which tells you can earn Rs. 15000 per month by referring just 50 friends to Zerodha.
Zerodha Referral Commission
So from today, just start referring your friends to Zerodha and earn handsome referral commission just sitting at your home.

You will also receive free benefits as mentioned in our page Zerodha Club.

Earn Rs 15000 Per Month By Referring Friends To Zerodha

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