How to Do Intraday Trade in Options without Live Charts

If you put the question before technical analysts, some of them may deny it. But it is possible and in today’s article, I am going to show you exactly, how to do intraday trading in Options without live charts. In general, for derivative trading, one needs to be analytical in both technical and logical ways. … Continue reading “How to Do Intraday Trade in Options without Live Charts”

Generate Nifty Options Trading Strategies Quickly

Nifty options trading strategies imply the simultaneous buying and selling of multiple Nifty options contracts. For example, suppose a trader thinks that Nifty’s price is going to increase over the next month. So, a simple and easiest way to profit from this movement while limiting the risk is to buy a Nifty Index call option. … Continue reading “Generate Nifty Options Trading Strategies Quickly”

Exploring the Benefits of Utilizing Option Greeks

The option pricing model gave us some tools which were named option Greeks. They are derived from the options pricing model. Since 1900, there have been several mathematical deductions by researchers to explain the rational pricing of options. But in 1973 Black, Scholes and Morten came up with the famous model, ‘The Black-Scholes Option Pricing … Continue reading “Exploring the Benefits of Utilizing Option Greeks”

Predict Support Resistance with NSE Options Data

We have rewritten this post from our archive of 2017. The topic is still very much important for Indian traders. The National Stock Exchange (NSE) provides daily data after market hours. These data are available in different formats. We also get live data on the options chain of indices and stocks. Through proper data analysis, … Continue reading “Predict Support Resistance with NSE Options Data”

Difference Between In the Money and Out of the Money Options

Generally, options trading represents buying and selling contracts of options on the stock exchanges. In simple terms, it’s very similar to stock trading. An option’s value which refers to the premium fluctuates based on the price of the underlying assets. The option can be In the Money(ITM), Out of the Money(OTM), or At the Money(ATM). Let’s … Continue reading “Difference Between In the Money and Out of the Money Options”

Basics of Options Trading in India: A Quick Guide

The stock market is a diversified market with lots of opportunities. Traders who are dealing with the market regularly must be acquainted with the segments of the derivative market. Literally, a derivative means a value that is derived from an underlying asset. However, the particular market has different financial instruments such as futures, options, and … Continue reading “Basics of Options Trading in India: A Quick Guide”

Profit-Making Ideas of a Nifty Option Calculator

Options come under derivate security, basically an agreement between buyers or holders and sellers or writers of an underlying stock. All the traders who are dealing with options must be familiar with the term option calculator. In order to avoid the dilemma regarding analyzing options and formulating strategies the calculated has been invented. During the discussion of … Continue reading “Profit-Making Ideas of a Nifty Option Calculator”

Trading Options in Volatile Markets: 90% Returns

Today is the Union Budget Day 2018. Jaitley Ji has presented us with the budget and as usual, the market has reacted with wide swings during and after the budget. I know many traders have lost money today because they take the market too lightly. Trading in volatile markets like the budget day is an … Continue reading “Trading Options in Volatile Markets: 90% Returns”

Weekly Bank Nifty Options Writing Strategy

We have previously discussed how to make big gains on the expiry day in Nifty using open interest and options chain data. We have seen that all out-of-the-money or OTM options become zero “0” after the expiry. It has also been noted that more than 90% of options expire out of the money. So there … Continue reading “Weekly Bank Nifty Options Writing Strategy”

Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy for 50X Return

I have received requests from many traders to teach them a strategy to trade the expiry day. I will discuss a very simple expiry day nifty option strategy that can safely fetch you 20 times to 50 times even 100 times returns. This strategy can be implemented on Nifty OR Bank Nifty options. FAQs on … Continue reading “Expiry Day Nifty Option Strategy for 50X Return”