Bollinger Bands Indicator On Zerodha Kite

bollinger bands indicator

Bollinger Bands is similar to price envelopes like ATR Bands. Though the difference of Bollinger with many other bands is that Bollinger bands indicator is plotted at specific standard deviation levels. The default standard deviation levels […]

Bollinger Percent B Indicator (Bollinger %B)

Bollinger Percent B indicator is a technical indicator that quantifies the price of a security with respect to upper and lower limits of Bollinger Bands. We can have six relative relationships. %B is zero when […]

Balance Of Power Indicator Formula And Setup

Balance of Power Indicator

Balance Of Power (BOP) is an indicator that measures the market strength by assessing the strength of total buyers against that of total sellers and their ability to drive the price to extreme ends. This is […]

Awesome Oscillator Indicator Settings On Zerodha Kite

Awesome Oscillator

Awesome Oscillator indicator (AO), is an oscillator that helps the traders to understand the market momentum. The oscillator calculates the difference between a 34 period and a 5 period simple moving average (SMA) of a […]

Average True Range Indicator In Zerodha Kite (ATR)

average true range

Average True Range indicator, popularly known as ATR shows the historical price movement of a stock over a specific period of time. Though it is similar to historical volatility, ATR shows the average range of price […]