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Top 10 Stock Picks For 2019 That Can Make You Rich

From market correction to bullish movement, this year market faced almost every phase. In the last 12 months, SENSEX and NIFTY rallying 10-11%. We can assume that the coming year is likely to offer stability to investors. Investors expect to see FY19 as a volatile year for equity markets with 10-20% moving indices in either direction. […]

Muhurat Trading Top Picks for the Year 2018

Just like Halloween Trading in foreign countries, India also has an ancient tradition of trading in Dewali, known as Muhurat Trading. The term “Muhurat” comes from Hindi lexicon, refers an auspicious time which is decided by planetary movements. It’s been said the Hindu new year begins from that specific Muhurat. The tradition of Muhurat trading begun […]

What Does Glenmark Pharma Share Price Graph Reveal?

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited is one of the most well-established names in the Pharmaceutical industry, incorporated in the year 1977. The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling of finished branded formulations, generic drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Glenmark spread its network globally in 80 plus countries including India, the United States, EU, Japan and South America. Today we […]

Using Piotroski F Score Strategy to Find a Multibagger

There are numbers of strategies available in the market to identify profitable stocks. Piotroski F score strategy is one of them. Many of the well-known analysts believe that by applying the Piotroski F score strategy one can find multibagger stocks. The strategy was developed by an accounting professor at Stanford, Joseph Piotrosk. The strategy was […]

Minda Corporation Share Price Target [Multibagger 2018]

Minda Corporation is one of the most established and leading suppliers of Mechanical security and Electronic system to 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, and Off-road Vehicles since 1985. In this context, we are going to analyze Minda Corporation Share Price Target but before that, it is our duty to tell why we choose to analyze the company’s share. […]

Fiem Industries Research Report 2017 (Multibagger)

Fiem Industries is a company from the automotive sector. They manufacture automotive lighting and signalling equipment as well as rare view mirrors. The core business of the company is auto components. The company has a current market cap of 12.31 billion. But it has a potential to grow as a multibagger over the years. Edelweiss […]

Edelweiss Research Team View On APL Apollo Tubes Ltd

In their portfolio management service, Edelweiss Securities gives major emphasize on small and medium cap stocks which have a high-risk high return portfolio. In their stock-picking approach, the Edelweiss Research Team chooses stocks that are either showing rising earnings OR down in special situation OR consistently performing OR emerging industry leader OR turn-around stories. Also, […]

Axis Direct Pick Of The Week – Federal Bank

Every Monday, the Axis Direct comes up with the weekly recommendations known as Axis Direct Pick of the week. These weekly recommendations are backed up by in-depth research from Axis Direct. Because of their very efficient research team, it is often seen that these weekly recommendations perform very well and often outperform the benchmark index. […]

Motilal Oswal Research Reports 2017 (MOSL Research)

Motilal Oswal Research reports 2017 is also known as Strategy Voices 2017. The research report includes all the earning calls post quarterly earnings of the companies. The Motilal Oswal research reports 2017 contains sector-wise buy/sell target, company management commentary of 139 companies and post result analysis of 168 companies. Let us look into the snippets of […]

Sharekhan Value Guide August 2017

Sharekhan has always been popular among investors for the outcome from its research desk. The stocks recommended by Sharekhan consistently outperformed the benchmark indices. After the rollout of GST, the market is experiencing new highs and the stocks are getting evaluated in a new perspective. In this new light, Sharekhan Value Guide August 2017 may help […]

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