What Is SME Exchange Full Form?

India has a steady float of ideas. Every day we see newer and new businesses are floating and a new set of entrepreneurs are emerging. But many of them face some initial problems or hurdles. The problems can be from raising money, people skill, technology or marketing. Clearly, there is no ready-made guide available for … Continue reading “What Is SME Exchange Full Form?”

An Overview Of Bitcoin As A Commodity

When we think of commodities, we tend to think of valuable resources that can be traded, but not often used as currency. Crude oil, natural gas, and numerous base metals fall into this category, and we have discussed precious metals, which are arguably the most well-known trading commodities. These are resources that investors have been … Continue reading “An Overview Of Bitcoin As A Commodity”

NSE India Technical Glitch – Trading Halted 10th July

Today 10th July morning NSE India has to stop trading due to major technical glitch. This NSE India technical glitch is a major setback for the traders and investors as well as for the NSE exchange who is proposing to come up with their IPO very soon. You can see their IPO filing status in … Continue reading “NSE India Technical Glitch – Trading Halted 10th July”

NCFM Certificate And NCFM Modules PDF

NCFM stands for NSE Certification in Financial Market (India). This certification is necessary to obtain for the people wanting to make their career as a dealer (one who punches the orders on behalf of the client) with a stockbroker. NSE offers a comprehensive range of modules to evaluate the level of expertise in different fields … Continue reading “NCFM Certificate And NCFM Modules PDF”

Eid Mubarak 2017 – Chance To Get Trend Blaster FREE

Eid Mubarak 2017 to all my website readers and followers (I know many of you are waiting for Trend Blaster FREE). As we know that 1.6 billion people celebrate Eid every year all over the world. This will be the end of the month-long fasting between Sahoor, the morning meal and Inftar, the evening meal. … Continue reading “Eid Mubarak 2017 – Chance To Get Trend Blaster FREE”

Discretionary Trading vs Algorithmic Trading

Financial markets have been changing at a fast pace since the past several years. With the advent of technology, automation, and artificial intelligence, markets have shifted gears from traditional noisy floors to high-speed computing machines. This evolution of financial markets has given its way to use computerized algorithms which can automate your trading decisions. Algorithmic … Continue reading “Discretionary Trading vs Algorithmic Trading”

Mark Galasiewski India Forecast – Sensex Target 1 Lakh

Recently Mark Galasiewski from Elliott Wave International forecasted about Indian markets and has given Sensex target. For investors, this forecast may seem too enthusiastic. I will discuss more Mark Galasiewski India Forecast in this post as he sees this Indian market still has miles to go. Mark thinks that as per Elliott wave theory both … Continue reading “Mark Galasiewski India Forecast – Sensex Target 1 Lakh”

Nifty Future Historical Data And NSE BSE Bhavcopy For Amibroker

In this post, I will show you how to download Nifty future historical data (bhavcopy) as well as NSE BSE bhavcopy and import the data to Amibroker. We will use a small utility called GetBhavCopy by Hemen Kapadia to download the data. First, download GetBhavCopy from the end of this post. Once you download the … Continue reading “Nifty Future Historical Data And NSE BSE Bhavcopy For Amibroker”