Stock Market Basics

Different Types of Orders in Stock Market

If a person doesn’t have any basic knowledge regarding the market mechanics and transaction process in the stock market, he is not considered to be a proper investor. You need to know all the process to place your order in the stock market so that your broker get the proper instruction to execute your order. […]

Overbought and Oversold Meaning and Example

A regular investor must be familiar with the terms Overbought and Oversold in the stock market. These are the two significant phases of a market movement. Find out a proper Entry time considers as the most important decision in trading. When OB or OS situation reaches the extreme point, the reverse trend appears. To become […]

What is Stop Loss in Stock Market in Simple Terms?

One and only objective of any kind of investment is making a profit. By avoiding loss, every investor tries to make a highly profitable return. There are many investors who don’t realize what to do to secure themselves in the stock exchange. There are few policies and strategies that you can use to shield yourself […]

What is Target in Stock Market for Beginners?

What is Target in Stock Market: All of the investors are acquainted with the term ‘target’ in the stock market. Target refers to a value at which an investor or trader is willing to book his profit. Usually, traders prefer to use this target option for future trading or intraday trading. Most of the analyst recommend to […]

What is a floor trader and how they make money?

In the stock exchange, the term ‘floor trader’ is a common one. The trader who executes trades on the floor of the exchange for his own account is referred to the Trader. Generally, the traders attempt to make a profit from the short-term price swings. They trade securities or derivatives on the trading floor. There […]

Debt to Equity Ratio Formula and Interpretation

Usually, the term ‘debt’ refers to liability. Generally, people like to live a debt-free life but when someone is running a business, debt is one of the requirements. In fact investors, financial institution, analyst observe how efficiently and smartly a company use the debt to raise its asset. Debt to equity ratio measures the debt […]

What is a Penny Stock in Indian Perspective?

What is a Penny Stock: Literally ‘Penny’ means a small sum of money. The term ‘Penny Stock’ almost bears the same meaning. There is no clear definition of these types of stocks. Basically, a stock with a low price amount refers to a penny stock. In the Indian stock market, penny stock can have priced […]

Multibagger Stocks Meaning and Steps to Identify

Multibagger Stocks Meaning: Though there is no standard definition of Multibagger Stocks. The term ‘Multibagger’ refers to a stock that generates multi folds return over a period of time. There is no standard time frame in this case. Literally, it means a high annualized return. However, it’s very tricky to find out such stocks. You […]

Difference Between Convertible and Non-Convertible Debentures

Before going through the topic it is important to understand what debenture is and what is its impact on the financial market. The debenture is basically a long-term debt instrument with fixed interest rates. When a company wants to raise funds for extension and growth but doesn’t want to raise share capital, issue debenture. There […]

What is a Debenture in Simple Terms? (Basic Features)

Before I discuss What is a Debenture in Simple Terms, I hope the term debt instrument is quite familiar to almost every investor. In short, debt instrument refers to a paper or electronics contracts that allow the issuing party to raise funds in accordance with terms of a contract. There are various types of debt […]

Standalone vs Consolidated Financial Statement

In order to analyze a company’s financial statement in fundamental analysis, you will find these terms again and again. Therefore, these basic financial terms should be clear to us. One thing is quite obvious that standalone and consolidated is different from one another. So, at the end of the content, ‘standalone vs consolidated’ the concept […]

Net Asset Value Per Share Computation (NAV)

Net Asset Value per Share Computation Technique: Net asset value per share computation is quite an important concept to discuss. As we know that fundamental analysis is a vast subject, there are many ratios, valuation, balance sheet to analyze the market fundamentally. Net asset value per share is one of them. It also refers to NAV […]

What is Technical Analysis in Stock Market?

Technical analysis is quite a vast topic containing so many things such as candlestick charts, different types of technical indicators, price action, etc. In order to read the market properly, there are two types of analysis, Fundamental and Technical. Basically, long-term investors prefer fundamental analysis and short-term investors go for a technical one. Today, we […]

Basics of Stock Market Trading in India

There is no such rules and short trick in the stock market for profit maximization trade. One has to learn the basic fundamentals before start trading. Therefore, the basics of stock market trading in India is certainly a quite vital subject. Investment is key to a safe and secure future. Everyone wants maximum profit from […]

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