Stock Market Basics

A Brief Note on Nifty BeEs Strategy

In India, Stocks and Mutual fund both of the fields are popular in the financial market. Investors in the Mutual fund must be familiar with the term ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). In India, Nifty BeEs considers as the first ETF in India (introduced by the BENCHMARK, an asset management company). It is traded on the […]

Difference Between In the Money and Out of the Money Options

Generally, options trading represents buying and selling options contracts on the stock exchanges. In simple terms, it’s very similar to stock trading. An option’s value which refers to premium fluctuates based on the price of the underlying assets. The option can be In the Money(ITM), Out of the Money(OTM) or At the Money(ATM). Let’s look at […]

Crude Oil Price Impact on Stock Market Trends

The oil acts as one of the pillars of the global as well as the domestic economy. Everything from making machinery move to plastics products can be traced to oil or some of its byproduct. Oil makes its impact felt on almost everyone’s life. The effect of oil does not move in one direction. From our […]

Effect of RBI Monetary Policy on Stock Market

There are billions of people in India. So, for obvious reason, the Indian economy is the mix and complex one. In order to attain the price stability and control the flow of money into the market the central bank of India (RBI) introduced the monetary policy. By applying various instruments through the monetary policy, RBI […]

How to do Online Share Trading from Home?

According to the present scenario, the financial market is wider than any other marketplace in India. With each passing year, the market becomes more advanced. The market not only helps in promoting the savings of the economy but also contribute a large portion of the profit to the country. At present, in the financial market, […]

What is FnO Expiry Date in Stock Market?

FnO or Future Options come under the category of derivatives market segments. In comparison to the general equity market, FnO market is full of ample opportunities. Though both buyers and sellers have to maintain some of the rights and obligations, still the particular market is always in high demand. In our previous context, a broad […]

The Best Advice for New Investors

There is plenty of positives for new investors in making a living from investing. Chief among these are the potential riches that a career as a stockbroker offers. However, be warned, by its nature, the investing landscape can be quite volatile, changing year after year. That is, after all, why it can be so financially […]

The Concept of SIP in Equity Shares for Risk-Free Profit

There are thousands of investment avenues available in India. Among them, we are acquainted with the financial scheme Systematic Investment Plan or in short SIP but only under the mutual fund. Most of us are entirely unaware that SIP exists in Equity also. Though the risk in equity SIP is quite higher than mutual fund SIP […]

What is Oscillator in the Stock Market?

The traders who are dealing with technical analysis in the stock market must come across the term oscillator indicator. The stock market is such a volatile field. Though there are thousands of tools and techniques available in the technical analysis, no one can fully predict the market. You can’t successfully analysis a stock only based […]

Introduction To Elliott Wave Theory For Beginners

The market is not fully unpredictable, by applying tools and techniques traders can predict the market movements to some extent. The analyzing market direction had been started since a long time ago. The history behind the development of Elliot Waves is quite interesting. After noticing repetitive patterns in the market, Ralph Nelson Elliott began studying past […]

How to Find Support and Resistance Level of a Stock?

The whole financial market stands on top of the two pillars, supply, and demand. The entire market moves according to the correlation between supply and demand. During the bullish trend, buyers dominate the market and the opposite happens in the bearish market. The support-resistance level indicates nothing but the relationship between supply and demand. The […]

How to identify high dividend paying stocks in 2018?

“Dividend” is a center of attraction in the stock market. Besides searching for a good company, looking for high dividend should be the objective of investors. The primary objective of any types of investment is to get a higher profit, then why don’t we count the dividend return. Today we are going to discuss the […]

What Does FnO Ban Mean and Its Impact on Share Price

When we talk about Future and Options contract, the term ‘Derivates’ comes automatically. A derivative is a contract between two or more parties. The value is based on an agreed-upon underlying asset. As the article will cover an important section regarding Future and Options, first of all, an introductory discussion about FnO (future and options) […]

Kagi Chart Trading Strategy For Noise Free Charting

In our previous article, we discussed the Heikin Ashi chart pattern. Today we will introduce you to Kagi Chart Trading Strategy. Like Heikin Ashi and Candlestick pattern, it was also developed in Japan. There is a slight difference between tradition chart pattern and Kagi chart pattern. Unlike traditional chart like the candlestick, bar, line, this […]

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