Stock Market Basics

How to Trade with Heikin Ashi Chart Pattern?

Previously we discussed normal candlestick chart pattern in our site but today we will cover another variety of candlestick pattern that is Heikin Ashi Candlestick Chart Pattern, sometimes also referred to as Heikin Ashi (HA).  This pattern is less noisy than the normal candle. In the currency market due to its continuation, gap up and […]

Top 7 Differences Between Online vs Offline Trading

Before the popularity of internet access, trading was carried by brokers manually. After the introduction of the internet, online trading came into the market. For obvious reason, trading through the internet is much easier and less time consuming compared to offline trading. In this article, we will elaborate the features along with the Top 6 […]

What Is A Circuit In Stock Market?

Time to time we hear this stock has hit upper circuit OR that stock has hit lower circuit OR that stock has upper froze. So what exactly is freezing or circuit in the stock market? The market price is based on sentiments. In case of sudden news OR extreme euphoria single-sided the sentiment can become […]

MSCI India Index Stocks list, Weightage, Review

MSCI is an Index, stands for Morgan Stanley Capital International, mainly used for the measurement of the equity market. MSCI ACWI and Frontier Markets Index is a globalized index which forms of different country’s’ indices. It is basically a float-adjusted market capitalization index. The content covers the MSCI India Index Stocks list, Weightage, Review, and […]

Create Your Day Trading Profit Calculator in Excel

If one takes day trading as a profession, then it is important to keep records carefully. The trading record not only helps to define the net profit-loss but also analyze how well your strategy works. The intraday track can be maintained through excel sheets. Today, we are going to demonstrate the steps of making a […]

What is Tick Size and Tick Value in the Market?

Tick size is quite relevant in the stock market context. Generally, tick size reflects the minimum price change among different bids and offer prices of a traded security on an exchange platform. The main focal point of the article will be on Tick Size and Tick Value. Apart from this, we will describe NSE, BSE […]

What is Premium and Discount in Futures Market?

If you are a regular follower of our site, you would be introduced to the basic concept of futures and options market at the beginning. Today’s topic Premium and Discount in Futures Market also comes under basic knowledge. This article will help newbies in understanding the premium and discount in futures market. In order to […]

What is offer for sale (OFS) in Indian Equity Market?

We are familiar with the term IPO (Initial Public Offerings). IPO was introduced a long time back in the Indian stock market. OFS or Offer for Sale is quite a new concept, launched in the market by SEBI in 2012. Many of us have confusion regarding the two but these are entirely separate concepts. IPO (Initial Public […]

What is Buy Back of Shares in India?

The term “buyback” carries the exact meaning of it, buyback of repurchase. The buyback is a particular mechanism by which a company buys back its own shares from the shareholders or market. Now, the question is why would a company buy back its own share with their money? This article is all about the concept […]

What is BTST and STBT in Trading-Tips for Beginners

In the tricky stock market, traders are always seeking suitable opportunities to make more money in the market. Here, the more you able to apply your ideas, techniques, the more profitable you will be. BTST and STBT are two of the most important orders which we will cover in the article. These are the most active […]

What is Open Interest in Derivatives Market?

The derivatives market is quite a different segment from the regular stock market. In the derivative market, the value of a security is derived from an underlying asset. The derivatives contain multiple classifications like forward, futures, options, swaps etc. The open interest concept carries lots of importance and weight in both the futures and options market. […]

List of High Volatile Stocks NSE for 2%-5% Intraday Gains

Volatility is one of the most common and important factors in the stock market. There are many investors who analyze the market only based on the volatility factor. Though in investing, it is one of the most misunderstood market concepts, there are many theories, calculations, models to assess and measure volatility. In simple words, it […]

Beginner’s Guide To Commodity Trading in India

The commodity market considers as one of the significant foundations of the global trade platform. As we know the term “trading” refers purchasing and selling of any products. In India, it is one of the most evolving forms of trading. Commodities, whether they are related to energy, food or metals, are a significant part of […]

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