Mutual Funds

What is CAGR Full Form in Mutual Fund?

In India, mutual fund investment become so common among people. Now, the question is how many times investors would have checked and understood their mutual fund portfolio returns thoroughly? The numbers are few, most of them are not aware of it. One of the main objectives of any kind of investment is to get a […]

Top Best Mutual Funds For 2019 (Updated Information)

In the Indian financial market mutual funds have become an incredibly popular option for a wide variety of investors. A mutual fund is such an investment instrument that cover both stocks and bonds, managed by asset management professionals. Depending on the risk, duration, cost investors can put their money in the well-diversified instrument. If you […]

Financial Planning For Child Education With Mutual Fund

According to the reports of NSSS (National Sample Survey Office), the expenditure for general education has increased by 175% while professional education rose by 96%. In simple words, annual education inflation range is in 10%-12% which is much higher than the general inflation. Therefore at present, the first and foremost priority of any parents should […]

Types of Mutual Funds in India (2018 update)

Various types of mutual funds in India is continuously evolving. In our modern world earning money is not just enough. In order to lead a comfortable lifestyle, bank’s interest rate is inadequate. One has to do smart invest management. Pros recommend that don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You must save some of […]

How To Invest In Mutual Fund Online?

Even before a few years, the term ONLINE was seen as a skeptical thing by many of us in India. The issue of trust was a major thing when dealing online. But nowadays the scenario has changed. Starting from mobile recharge to shopping everything is done online mainly in the tier-1 and tier-2 cities. While […]

Systematic Investment Plan Can Make you a Crorepati

So we all want to be a crorepati. Isn’t it? But how to become a crorepati without any extra effort or without any extra toil. Do you know by doing the proper financial planning and managing your existing wealth you can become a crorepati within a short span of time? One of such planning is […]

Get 100% Guaranteed Returns From Top Performing Mutual Funds

We all know that equity mutual funds are not supposed to give secured returns. If you invest a lump sum amount in any equity mutual fund and need the money suddenly you may lose certain amount of your capital due to the market fluctuation. But how about an idea if we generate 100% guaranteed returns […]

What Is Gilt Mutual Fund And Is It Suitable For Long Term Investment?

What is Gilt Mutual Fund? Gilt funds are mutual funds that invest only in government securities. They are preferred by safe and conservative investors who like to invest in secured government bonds. Since gilt funds invest only in government bonds, investors are protected from credit risk. The instruments where these gilt funds invest have sovereign […]

Debt Funds Vs FD – Where To Invest For Higher Returns In 2017?

Debt Funds Vs FD this is a word that people are increasingly thinking about. The fixed deposits aren’t giving investors a decent return nowadays. The rates are going down in small savings schemes. So people are compelled to find out other avenues of higher returns. Here I will discuss what the debt mutual funds will […]

Best Large Cap Equity Mutual Fund To Invest

In my last post, I have analyzed few equity multi-cap funds. You can read my last post here: A Quick Guide On Top Performing Mutual Funds 2017. In the last post, I have analyzed equity multi-cap funds. Now it is the time to analyze the large-cap equity mutual fund arena. We have handpicked these few […]

A Quick Guide On Top Performing Mutual Funds 2017

As you know that the stock market is always noisy. But this year it’s going to be more noisy post demonitisation. It has the potential, the scale of noise could be such that it can exceed 2016. So its time that we make a list for top performing mutual funds 2017 and be prepared. In […]

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