Decoding Raamdeo Agrawal Wealth Creation Study with Excel

Understanding the world of stocks can be tough, especially for newcomers. To many, it may seem like navigating through uncharted territory! But here’s the good news – you don’t need a finance degree or years of Wall Street experience to become a successful investor. With the proper tools and knowledge at your disposal, you can … Continue reading “Decoding Raamdeo Agrawal Wealth Creation Study with Excel”

StockEdge Web and Mobile App, Review, Features

India’s one of the best analytic and research platforms is StockEdge. We are going to discuss StockEdge- Web and Mobile app, StockEdge Review, Features, and premium plan through this writing. The website primarily focuses on the equity stock market. The National Stock Exchange or NSE as well as Bombay Stock Exchange or BSE is the … Continue reading “StockEdge Web and Mobile App, Review, Features”

The Top 5 Stock Screening Websites in India

Stock screening websites help a lot of traders and investors. In India, there are 5000+ companies listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE), as well as in the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Finding out the right stock is quite a tricky one. To help the traders there are so many screener websites available. Those stock … Continue reading “The Top 5 Stock Screening Websites in India” – Fundamental Stock Analysis Made Easy

“” has made fundamental stock analysis easy. the stock screener provides us so many tools which help us to understand the company’s current situation and its growth year by year very clearly. If you are a new trader or an investor, it is quite difficult for you to find out the perfect company to put … Continue reading “ – Fundamental Stock Analysis Made Easy”

Why Ticker Tape is the Top Fundamental Stock Screener?

The fundamental stock screener website Ticker Tape is very useful. Many people use this fundamental stock screening site. Especially those who are beginners in the stock market and seeking a good company to invest in. The ticker tape can be used to do better trading. That is why it is widely popular among traders and … Continue reading “Why Ticker Tape is the Top Fundamental Stock Screener?”

Download Amibroker Historical Fundamental Data

Financial Market grabs popularity with newly invested technologies and tools. Traders are moving forward toward new facilities in the investment field. Traders who are genuinely engaged in trading must be familiar with the fundamental analysis and its importance. Today you will have guidance on the steps to download historical fundamental data in AmiBroker. Importance of Amibroker Historical … Continue reading “Download Amibroker Historical Fundamental Data”

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis vs Technical analysis is one of the main topics of stock market investment. The one and only primary objective of investors is to earn maximum profit. We can generalize investment mainly in two ways, long-term investment, and short-term investment. Before investing one should analyze market movements, price fluctuations, and most importantly to understand … Continue reading “Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis”

Basics Of Fundamental Analysis & Terminology

Today I will discuss, how to decide which stock you want to buy and which stock you want to sell. I will guide you on the basics of fundamental analysis. As well as how to value a stock and how to judge the current growth and future growth of companies. So that you will get … Continue reading “Basics Of Fundamental Analysis & Terminology”

EBITDA Full Form & Importance of EBITDA Margin

Introduction: As a newcomer to the Indian stock market, it can be overwhelming to navigate the various financial terms and ratios used in stock analysis. One such term that you may have come across is EBITDA margin. This is a critical financial metric that investors use to evaluate a company’s profitability and operational efficiency. In … Continue reading “EBITDA Full Form & Importance of EBITDA Margin”