3 Must Read Best Books for Indian Stock Market

Reading good books is the basic before you jump into investing. There are a lot of books written on the subject of stock market investing. In my career, I have read a lot of books too. So it is a bit difficult in choosing the best books. Still, here I have chosen my list of … Continue reading “3 Must Read Best Books for Indian Stock Market”

ADX Trading Strategy – Profit with a Single Indicator

Recently I read a book ADXcellence: Power Trend Strategies that focuses only on a single indicator. This is one of the best books on ADX trading strategy. Let me discuss the strategies explained in this book. Who wrote the Book on ADX Trading Strategy? Dr. Charles B. Schaap wrote this book. When he stopped being … Continue reading “ADX Trading Strategy – Profit with a Single Indicator”

Market Profile Charts or the Money Zone: A Guide

Market Profile Trading is quite different from classical technical indicators. It was developed by a trader at CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade), J. Peter Steidlmayer. It was first introduced to the public in the year 1985. Though it came into existence decades ago, traders find it difficult to understand even now. Today’s article will cover the basic … Continue reading “Market Profile Charts or the Money Zone: A Guide”

Price Action: The Key to Trend Identification

When we talk about the technical analysis of stocks, webs of indicators come into our minds. A section of retail investors believes that without applying technical indicators, an accurate analysis of a stock cannot happen. They are wrong to some extent. There is a quite popular way by which one can analyze stocks without applying … Continue reading “Price Action: The Key to Trend Identification”

Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF Review

Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF ebook is the most complete book on pivot-associated trading concepts. Whether or not you’re a real-time trader, swing trader, positional trader, or investor, you’re going to in finding a nice price in this guide. Irrespective of whatever stock markets you trade or your stage of expertise. The article is … Continue reading “Secrets Of A Pivot Boss PDF Review”

What Are The Basic Technical Indicators?

Technical indicators are a tool whose value is derived from the underlying value of a stock or asset. These tools try to foretell the longer-term price ranges or just the overall price action. Therefore, they try to predict the future by taking a look at the prior patterns. Examples of indicators are the Relative Strength … Continue reading “What Are The Basic Technical Indicators?”

Come Into My Trading Room: A Guide to Trading

When engaging in trading within the Indian stock market, the intricate and volatile nature of the exchange can be a daunting experience for newcomers. However, there are various methods to attain success. Definitely, one of these is through the guidance provided by Dr. Alexander Elder’s book “Come Into My Trading Room.” This article shall provide … Continue reading “Come Into My Trading Room: A Guide to Trading”