Best Small Cap Stocks for 2019 in India

Best Small Cap Stocks for 2019

The first question should arise what is exactly mean by Small-cap and which stocks fall under the category. To get a basic idea regarding Market cap, you may go through our previous content. Basically, the market value of a publicly traded company’s outstanding shares is known as the market cap. Hence, according to market cap, companies can be categorized into three segments. Small Cap is one of them. Here, we will be going to discuss the best Small Cap stocks for 2019.

What is Small Cap?

Companies with low revenues and low market value of shares fall under the category of small cap. Less than 13000 Cr. market cap belongs to the small-cap division. Beyond the top 250 companies, all belong to a small cap.

Best Small Cap Stocks for 2019 in India

The suggested list is taken from different financial websites and link along with our analysis.

  • Granules India: The Hyderabad based pharmaceutical company (market cap over 2200 Cr.) has a short term target of Rs.150.
  • Jamna Auto: The automotive products manufacturer company has over 2400 market cap with P/E rate 16. It has a short term target of Rs.80.
  • Avanti Feeds: Currently the company is in a growing phase along with the market cap of 5200 Cr and P/E ratio is around 17. It has a target of 540 followed by 680 in a short time span.
  • Cyient: With a market cap over 7500 Cr and P/E ratio 17, the company share is worth buying with a stop loss at 530.
  • HCL-Insys: It is a company of information technology and solution. It has 800 Cr. market cap. It has a resistance level at around Rs.65 and if it breaks, it can go to 90 levels.
  • Indiabulls Real Estate: It is expected to see a growth in revenue by 2022. It is reported that the company’s EPS (earnings per share) was Rs.1.68.
  • South Indian Bank: The dividend yield of the stock is decent 3%. The bank may be a great pick.

These are some of the best Small Cap Stocks for 2019 in India to invest.

Best Small Cap Stocks for 2019 in India

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