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Every trader searches for the best Metastock trading system. In the beginning, one thing should be clear that even the most effective trading tools may fail if traders are dealing with greed and fear during a trade. Therefore, to be a Metastock expert, one needs to be patient. Today, we will discuss Metastock formulas and strategy in a simple way.

How to design one of the best Metastock Trading System?

Traders who are acquainted with Metastock Trading software, know about the special feature of Metastock that one can create buy-sell code according to personal analytical view. Anyone can get an access to its customizable option. For around 30 years, the software is running successfully all over the globe. Metastock users can get enough flexibility. By using own criteria, one can utilize the power to customize the trading system. The system depends on the language, once you become masters in it, you will become expert on it. It almost similar to spreadsheet code.

Three Programming Language Components

  • Data Arrays
  • Mathematical Operators
  • Metastock Function

Data Arrays

Price Array Identifiers                       Shortcuts

Open                                           O

High                                              H

Low                                              L

Close                                            C

Volume                                            V

Metastock Formula

Users can create various types of customs formula. In order to find positive performing stocks and sectors, to make own trailing stop loss indicator, identify the best stop loss value to use, for other uses the formulas are used. In it, there are the signal formula, column formula and filter formula available. An example is ColumnA:Buy SignCross( Mov( Close,9,S), Mov( Close,50,S)) And Close >Mov( Close,80,S).

I am providing a pdf link which will help you to learn Metastock code.

As we know, there are a variety of Metastock trading systems. From the record of the best possible Metastock trading software, we are sharing with you this. The attached image is on Omega. Click on the picture in order to get a proper view.

best metastock trading system

You can use omega as well as download one of the best Metastock trading software by clicking on the following link.

To get more information, you can check the Metastock section in our StockManiacs site.

Best Metastock Trading System – FREE Metastock Formula
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