B and B Triplewall Containers IPO Review

b and b triplewall containers ipo review

Under 1956 companies act, the company was started its journey with the name of MNM Triplewall Containers Private Limited in 2011. The first foundation of the company took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka. After a long period, in the year 2018, it changed its name to B and B Triple wall Containers. The company is engaged in the work of manufacturing of corrugated boxes and sheets. This article is going to cover the fundamental details of the company. By using this details, we will analyze B and B Triplewall Containers IPO Review. So, let’s have a quick look at the issue details of the particular IPO.

B and B Triplewall Containers Issue Details

  • IPO Opens on – September 28, 2018.
  • IPO Closes on – October 05, 2018.
  • Issue Type – Fixed Price Issue IPO.
  • Face Value – Rs.10 per Equity Share.
  • Issue Price – Rs. 36 Per Equity Share.
  • Min Order Quantity – 3000 Shares.
  • Market Lot – 3000 Shares.
  • Issue Size – 5,553,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10 aggregating up to Rs. 19.99 Cr.
  • Listing Exchange At – NSE SME Exchange.
  • Draft Prospectus – Click Here.

Purpose of Issuing Shares

  • Collecting the working capital for the company is the primary objective behind issuing shares.
  • Currently, the company have intercorporate loans of near about 830 lakhs, repayment of loans is a significant factor here.
  • The general corporate purpose like brand name, popularity, corporate image is some of the objectives of issuing shares.
  • Other expenses of the company is also a reason behind this.

About The Company

Background of the company carries a lot of importance in making B and B Triplewall Containers IPO Review.

  • In Karnataka, the company is considered as one of the most popular corrugated box manufacturers.
  • With an installing capacity of 75,000 Mt, the company acquires one of the most advanced manufacturing facility.
  • The company’s manufacturing benefits are equally distributed between two units, Unit one and Unit three. Unit two is under a lease. The Unit one is located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Unit three is located in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu.
  • Their well-equipped, as well as advanced manufacturing facilities, are machinery, handling pieces of equipment etc. These facilities not only smoothing the entire manufacturing process but also reduce the cost-effectiveness.
  • The company management takes care of the safety of their employee, this conveys a good ethical management.
  • Maintain a good quality standard is also one of their strategies.
  • The versatile product portfolio fulfills the demands of customers.
  • Their research and development facilities are quite good. The company has a special in-house testing laboratory too.
  • The company’s revenue is fast growing, from 3,162.48 lakh it has shown growth to 16,697.19 lakh.
  • The quality, strength, opportunities are regulated and maintained by the in-house testing laboratory.
  • On its payroll, the company has 172 employees.

Products of the Company

According to the customers’ demand, mainly corrugated board and boxes are manufactured in this company. Their wide range of products is generally used for packaging purpose in the various industries.

b and b triplewall containers limited

Competitive Strength

  • A company without a proper and systematic management base may fall. B and B Triplewall Containers has a strong and dedicated employee management system which push the company in an upward direction. The experienced management base is one of the strong points of the company.
  • Their fully automated unit helps to minimize the raw material losses. The manufacturing plant is fully advanced computerize. The works like printing, gluing, stitching, folding etc are done by machinery.
  • They primarily focus on the customer requirements and satisfaction. Maintaining quality, fulfilling the customer requirements come under competitive strength.
  • Location advantage is also a plus point of the company. The company has spread a wide networks between the units. The company has a strong network.

Business Strategy

  • Make a strong customer base falls under the powerful business strategy.
  • Improvement of functional efficiency is also the B and B’s business strategy.
  • Maintained Quality product strategy is also quite a strong business strategy.

Manufacturing Process

  • Taking orders from customers
  • Collect the paper roll
  • Sticking of color-coded base
  • The next step in board line
  • Then there is the printer, slotter, die cutter, gluing stitching, attaching.
  •  At the last stage, there is invoice making, loading then dispatched.

Registered Location

263/2/3, at Marsur Madivala,

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in Kasaba Hobli Anekal Taluk

Bangalore – Pin 562106,

Karnataka, Country: India

The Board of Directors

  • Chairman and Managing Director- Manish Kumar Gupta
  • Promoter, Executive director- Ravi Agarwal
  • Non-Executive Independent Director- Arun Sarma
  • Promoter Executive director- Alok Agarwal
  • Non-Executive Independent Director- Rajeev Raju
  • Promoter Executive director-  Manish Bothra
  • Non-Executive Independent Director- Anju Prakash
  • Non-Executive Independent Director- Vikram Jain

The Promoter of the Company

The promoters of the company include Nishant Bothra, Amit Agarwal, Sidharth Agarwal. The amount of equity shares, held by promoters are 54,76,400. It represents near about 36 percent issue.

Company Financials Statement

Now, this is one of the most significant part of the review, company’s financial statement which helps to analyze B and B Triplewall Containers IPO Review.

b and b triplewall containers ipo

B and B Triplewall Containers IPO Review

The financial statement shows the company has recently get 457.01 lakhs as their profit. It is showing that from the year 2014 to 2017, the PAT is ina moderate level. Let’s just look at the DRHP (draft red herring prospectus) for getting more fundamental details of the company. Look at the quantitative factors, Basic and Diluted EPS (Earnings Per Share) stands at 12.22 in the year 2018. In relation to the issue price of 36 the company’s price to earnings ratio is 2.95. RoNW is 19.99 in the 2018 fiscal. NAV/Share is 61.13. If you notice carefully, you can see an aprupt ups and down in the fundamental quantitative factors of the company. This may rise the doubt among investors. Our analytical view says B and B Triplewall Containers IPO Review is NEGATIVE. It should be avoided by the investors.

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