Elder Impulse System Indicator Trading Strategy, Settings

After Elder Force Index, the Elder Impulse System indicator was also developed and described by Alexander Elder in his books. It’s based on two popular indicators – a 13-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and a histogram MACD. The Elder Impulse System uses the Ema indicator for defining a short-term trend and the MACD-Histogram measure’s momentum. This indicator serves … Continue reading “Elder Impulse System Indicator Trading Strategy, Settings”

Elder Force Index Indicator (Usage, Examples) Formula

The Elder Force Index is an indicator that uses price and volume to assess the power of a move or vary in turning points. It is developed by Alexander Elder. It was introduced in Alexander Elder’s classic book, Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management (Wiley Finance). The Force Index has three essential elements … Continue reading “Elder Force Index Indicator (Usage, Examples) Formula”

Ehler Fisher Transform Indicator Calculation, Strategy

Ehler Fisher Transform indicator is designed to clearly spot major price reversals and visualize them. It is also a leading / lagging indicator of all the indicators present in Zerodha Kite. This is reflected in spots where the rate of change is the biggest. It is an indicator built on an oscillator that was developed by John … Continue reading “Ehler Fisher Transform Indicator Calculation, Strategy”

Ease of Movement Indicator Formula, Strategy

Ease of Movement indicator or EMV is a volume-based oscillator that fluctuates above and below the zero lines. This indicator is designed to measure the “ease” of price movement. Richard Arms created Equivolume charts to visually display price ranges and volume. It takes Equivolume to the next step by quantifying the price/volume relationship and showing the … Continue reading “Ease of Movement Indicator Formula, Strategy”

Zerodha Kite Vs Pi – Zerodha Trading Platforms

Zerodha provides different trading platforms to suit different requirements from clients. Zerodha provides a software-based trading platform which is name d as Pi. Pi is a complete trading software equipped with user-friendly commands and highly technical visual charts. All kinds of trading can be done through this software. Zerodha also provides a web-based trading platform known … Continue reading “Zerodha Kite Vs Pi – Zerodha Trading Platforms”

Zerodha Kite Cover Order – CO

Zerodha, the premium discount broker in India is the best value-for-money broker providing high-end apps and trading platform for investors and traders of Indian stock market. Zerodha has always been customer-centric in its approach and provides maximum facilities to its customers. Zerodha Kite cover order is such a facility. What is Zerodha Kite Cover Order? Like bracket … Continue reading “Zerodha Kite Cover Order – CO”

Invest In MF Through Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund Platform

Few month’s back Zerodha has started their Mutual Fund (MF) business. You can buy and sell all major mutual funds through Zerodha. Actually, just like the Kite (kite.zerodha.com) platform, this is another platform built by Zerodha. You can access the MF platform through any browser by visiting the link. In fact, this platform is built … Continue reading “Invest In MF Through Zerodha Kite Mutual Fund Platform”

How To Add Your Favourite Scrip In Zerodha Kite Market Watch?

Case #1: How to add a scrip into Zerodha Kite market watch?1) Login to Zerodha Kite by visiting kite.zerodha.com2) Next, open a blank market watch3) The market watches are located at a bottom left portion of the Kite window4) Once the blank market watch is open there is a scrip search box in the top … Continue reading “How To Add Your Favourite Scrip In Zerodha Kite Market Watch?”

More Insight On Zerodha Kite AMO OR After Market Order

There are various kinds of orders to suit various traders. Many traders are office goers. They are either roaming here and there in the market hour OR they cant be able to concentrate on the live market for active intraday trading. For them, there is a solution. That is Zerodha Kite AMO. AMO stands for … Continue reading “More Insight On Zerodha Kite AMO OR After Market Order”