ATR Bounce Trading System – A Classic Example

ATR Bounce Trading System

Few day’s ago I have written a post on trading the ATR. Those who has not read the post can visit the post now to read here: Catch The Exact Top And Bottom Of The Market With ATR Indicator. I named this trading strategy valueas ATR Bounce Trading Strategy OR ATR Bounce Trading System.

The idea of ATR Bounce Trading System is very simple. Just watch the daily reading of the 14-day ATR OR averate true range indicator or a particular stock or index or commodity. Suppose the closing price of the stock, index or commodity today is X and suppose today’s ATR reading is Y, the I derive tomorrow’s maximum high OR low from the below mentioned formula.

Maximum high next day = X+Y
Maximum low next day = X-Y

So it is easy to find tomorrow’s range using the ATR indicator. Now how to trade the system? Next day whenever the stock / index / commodity will move towards the maximum high open a short trade with a tight stop with a moderate target. For a long trade whenever the stock / index / commodity will move near to the maximum low open a long trade with a tight stop with a moderate target.

Now, a classic example of the ATR Bounce Trading System was seen in the Nifty index yesterday, i.e. 15th February, 2017. Last day, i.e, 14th February Nifty closed at 8792.30 and the 14-day ATR value was 76. So, next day’s long level was 8792-76 = 8716 and short level was 8792+76 = 8868. Now lets check the exact scenario. Check the image below:
Bounce Trading System
Nifty index opened, could not move higher and slipped towards maximum low zone to find exact bounce from 8713, super profit within few minutes, a spike from 8713 to 8750. You can check the ATR values of stocks / indices / commodities on Amibroker OR Zerodha Pi OR Kite platform. To open a Zerodha account for accessing Pi / Kite CLICK HERE.

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Indrajit is a professional blogger and trading system developer. Amibroker expert, Wordpress expert, SEO expert and stock market analyst.Trading since 2002, he has started the journey of on 2008. He follows Indian and world stock markets closely.

12 thoughts on “ATR Bounce Trading System – A Classic Example”

    1. Bilal, must see Bank Nifty’s 14-day ATR. Next day if Bank Nifty moves 1 x ATR size above close open a SHORT SELL order and if moves 1 ATR size below close open a BUY order. Put some appropriate stop loss like 0.5 x ATR OR 0.25 x ATR. Hope this clarifies.

      1. thanks for your reply ji – 23 feb close 20876 – ATR-264 buy above 20612 and sell below 21140 , but confusion is – in between levels how to take decision ..?

    1. Naresh, I have not tested but you can take reading of weekly ATR. If in a week the movement on one side is close to weekly ATR you can try a counter trend positional trade with same logic as of intraday. Also you can utilize same logic with monthly ATR.

      1. sir one more doubt. If prices are in between ATR value we can’t able to trade. Most of the stocks are trading in between this ATR range. So taking decisions is difficult. Is there anyother way or strategy to play the game

        1. Naresh price retracing close to 100% of ATR means you are close to low of the day. Bcoz if price bounces back ur chance of making money is good. You can check this on Nifty 50 stocks. Can get 2-3 trades a week. Concentrate on good trades not on number of trades.

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