Anmol India IPO Review, Issue Date, Price

Anmol India IPO Review

Anmol India Limited is engaged in the business of Coal import and supply. This is mainly Assam based company. The industry of this company with a focus on small and medium scale manufacturers of Coal import and supply. Here, we are going to discuss Anmol India IPO Review along with its issue details, company summary, the objective of the issue.

Anmol India IPO Review Issue Details :

  • IPO Opens on – February 12, 2019.
  • IPO Closes on – February 14, 2019.
  • Face Value – Rs. 10 Per Equity Share.
  • Issue Price – Rs. 33 Per Equity Share.
  • Issue Type – Fixed Price Issue IPO.
  • Market Lot – 4000 Shares.
  • Minimum Order Quantity – 4000 Shares.
  • Issue Size – 3,100,000 Equity Shares of Rs. 10 aggregating up to Rs. 10.23 Cr.
  • Retail Allocation – 50%.
  • Listing Exchange – BSE SME Exchange.
  • Draft Prospectus – Click Here.

Objectives of the issue of the Company :

  • The main object of the issue is part finance working capital requirements of this company.
  • To meet General corporate purposes of Anmol India Limited.
  • To meet the expenses of the Issue of this company.

About The Company –

  • Anmol India Limited was incorporated in 1998.
  • This company initially serving only the brick kiln industry and Coal traders.
  • Anmol India Limited caters to the demand of over a dozen different types of industries and trades both in Coal and Pet Coke covering almost half of India.
  • The primary product of this company is USA Coal (US Napp Coal and USA ILB).
  • Anmol India Limited’s other commodities are included in Indonesian Coal and Petroleum Coke.
  • This company started with the vision of making available the underutilized coal resources of Eastern India to the brick kiln industry of Northern India.
  • Anmol India Limited has 10 permanent employees on its payroll.
  • This company currently is known for its Bulky imports of coal from overseas and steel grade coal procured from Coal India Limited.
  • Anmol India Limited’s growth is a result of strict adherence to Industry and Quality Standards.
  • The company primarily deals in –
  1. Steam Coal (thermal coal) which is used for power and heat generation.
  2. Petroleum Coal or petcoke is used in electric power plants and cement kilns.
  3. Coking coal (metallurgical coal) which is used to create coke, one of the key inputs for the production of steel.

Anmol India Limited

Location :

Branches : Gandhidham, Ludhiana, Kapurthala, Guwahati.

Address : 24, Kutch Arcade NH-8A, Gandhidham, Gujarat 370201.
Email: [email protected]

Phone No. : +91 9878076554.

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Address: 2nd Floor, 2/43, B, Block, Aggar Nagar, Ludhiana-141001.

Phone: +91 9435046554
Email: [email protected]

Website :

The promoter of Anmol India Limited :

  • Mr. Vijay Kumar, aged 57 years, is the Promoter and Managing Director of this company.
  • Mr. Chakshu Goyal, aged 26 years, is the Non-Executive Director, Promoter and son of Mr. Vijay Kumar, Promoter of this Company.

The Board of Directors of this company :

  • Mr. Vijay Kumar, aged 57 years, is the Promoter and Managing Director of this company.
  • Mrs. Neelam Rani, aged 51 Years, is the Non-Executive Director of this company.
  • Mr. Tilak Raj, aged 65 years, is the Non-Executive Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Chakshu Goyal, aged 26 years, is the Non-Executive Director, Promoter and son of Mr. Vijay Kumar, Promoter of this Company.
  • Mr. Sahil Aggarwal, aged 32 years, is the Non-Executive Director of this company.
  • Ms. Deepika, aged 30 Years, is the Non-Executive Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Gaurav Jindal, aged 37 years, is an Independent Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Rohit Singla, aged 40 years, is an Independent Director of this Company.
  • Mr. Bhupesh Goyal, aged 22 years, is an Independent Director of this Company.

Business Strategies for this company :

  • The main business strategies of Anmol India Limited is entering new geographies.
  • Diversifying inventory is another strategy of this company.
  • Attract and retain talented employees are the basic strategies of Anmol India Limited.
  • One of the strategies of this company is increasing retail market share.
  • Bringing in more Large-Scale Customer is another strategy of Anmol India Limited.
  • Competitive pricing is the most important strategy for this company.
  • One of the best strategies of Anmol India Limited is developing a robust research department.

SWOT Analysis of Anmol India Limited :


  1. Vast Sales network and quick inventory turnover.
  2. Strong reputation enabling the company to demand earnest money against all bulk order thus reducing exposure.
  3. Competitive prices due to Economies of Scale.
  4. Both traders and end consumers as customers. Traders help quick inventory turnover and end consumers help earn higher margin and continuous movement of inventory during bearish markets.
  5. Highly experienced and Skilled Management.
  6. Strong ties with suppliers and customers result in the detection of any market changes quickly.

  1. Operational Risk.
  2. Working Capital Intensive Business.

  1. The domestic demand is expected to boom manifolds due to a ban on Pet Coke.
  2. Unexplored rural market.
  3. As company delves into South India and other regions, there is a huge scope of capturing new markets.
  4. As small-scale manufacturing units increase, the market size is ever increasing.
  5. As imported coal is washed and cheaper, more and more industries are shifting to this fuel.

  1. The shift of energy production from thermal to other sources like renewable, nuclear, hydro etc.
  2. Government Policies.

Company Financials :

Before Anmol India IPO Review, let’s have a quick look at the company financials.

Anmol India IPO

Anmol India IPO Review :

This is the final part of the article Anmol India IPO Review. The attachment reflects the company’s financial statement over the past 6 years. As per the report, the company is in the developing stage. From the FY2013 to FY2018, it has developed the profit ratio with the passing years. In the FY 2018, the net profit was near about 262.24 lakhs. Now, let’s have a look at the company prospectus. As per the FY 2016-17, the basic EPS (Earnings Per Share) was at 1.49. The DRHP of the company does not reveal P/E or price to earnings ratio of the company. Its RoNW or Return on Net Worth was 12.50 and NAV/Share was 11.96. Therefore based on our analysis Anmol India IPO Review carries a NEUTRAL view. Investors can try it for midterm and long term view.

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