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Amibroker 6.0

Recently Amibroker has launched their new version Amibroker 6.00. I am personally using Amibroker since 2008 and from the Amibroker 5.00 version. In the last 7 years Amibroker has improved a lot and in every upgrade users has got lot many things. This time again a highly commendable job done by the Amibroker team and Mr. Tomasz. Amibroker has introduced many new features in their new version Amibroker 6.00.

Download Amibroker 6.00 from this page. Download the Amibroker 6 PDF guide from here.

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Whats new in Amibroker 6.00
Amibroker 6.00 brings lots of new functionality especially with regards to system testing. There are hundreds of new features and changes to existing functionality as compared to version 5.90, listed in detail in “Release Notes” document in AmiBroker directory. Below is just a short list of few of them:
amibroker 6

  • Integrated high-performance Monte Carlo simulator – with cumulative distribution charts of equity, max. drawdowns, support for custom user-definable metrics and ability to peform MC simulator driven optimizations.
  • Full Matrix support (two dimensional arrays) in AFL with direct native matrix arithmetic (matrix operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, transpose, etc), see Matrix, MxIdentity, MxTranspose, MxGetSize
  • Detailed Buy-and-hold (benchmark) statistics automatically added to the backtest reports
  • User definable stop precedence (SetStopPrecedence function) and stop validity (ValidFrom/ValidTo parameters in ApplyStop function)
  • Sparse array support: SparseCompress, SparseExpand
  • Infinite Impulse Response filter function (IIR) for efficient implementation of higher order smoothing algorithms
  • Raw text output in explorations via AddRow function
  • New styles supported by Exploration XYCharts
  • Variable period Percentile function
  • Unicode (UCN) support in PlotText, PlotTextSetFont, GfxDrawText, GfxTextOut, chart titles, interpretations and commentary windows (allows various graphic annotations / windings )
  • New Low level graphic functions: GfxSelectHatchBrush, GfxSelectStockObject
  • Wildcard matching function StrMatch
  • Enhanced Assignment Organizer
  • Word-wrap functionality in AFL editor and enhanced “Code Prettify” function

Download Amibroker 6.00 from this page. Download the Amibroker 6 PDF guide from here.

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