193% Returns In ACC Using Amibroker Daily Chart

ACC Cement

Last month 17th March our TTTB Trading System has found a breakout trading opportunity in ACC using Amibroker daily chart. On that day ACC closed at 1277.05. So I started following ACC in cash as well as started to follow its next month’s call option. ACC April 1280CE was quoting at 52.90. As per TTTB, this call option was a buy at this price.

Amibroker Daily Chart

Why buy ACC? What is the entry rules of TTTB Trading System?
Peak break
Improving the KRA line
So BUY ACC at 1277.05 or BUY it’s April 1280CE at 52.90

Now let’s check the result of this trade. Once again we need to follow ACC in Amibroker daily chart. ACC shot up fast from our buying levels and all the TV analysts started to give buy recommendations on ACC. Lol, our TTTB Trading System subscribers were already long in ACC April 1280CE.

What is the exit rules of TTTB trading system?
Trough break OR a big bear bar after KRA is overbought. So exit marked on 21st April 2016. Exit long ACC at 1430. Cash trade gains Rs. 152.95 OR 11.97% in around 1 month.

ACC Option Price

Now let’s see the call option’s performance vis-a-vis cash. ACC April 1280CE closed at 155.10 on 21st April 2016. So its a gain of Rs. 102.20 OR 193%. Money almost tripled. Any trader who invested in one lot ACC 1280CE on 17th March 2016, his investment value was Rs. 52.90 x 375 = 19837.50. His profit in one month is Rs. 102.20 x 375 = Rs. 38325.

This is how one can trade accurately using TTTB Trading System in Amibroker daily chart. If you are new to our site and want to know more about TTTB Trading System I suggest you visit this page. You can also watch my video on TTTB Trading System here.

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