How To Use Trend Blaster Zoom Scan To Scan Stocks For Day Trading?

Zoom Scan

So, you want to Scan Stocks For Day Trading? Yes, you have come to the right place. The revolutionary Trend Blaster Zoom Scan is now open for all the members.

Invented by StockManiacs group, the Trend Blaster Trading System has since benefited thousands of investors, from mavericks to masters.

Trend Blaster Trading System is a safe & exceptional wealth-building trading system, rigorously tested with time, that will consistently draw unlimited cash from the stock or commodity markets, be it Bullish, Bearish or Flat market.

It is a holistic, comprehensive system that works like clockwork & tells you exactly what to do objectively, without personal opinions or feelings.

Trend Blaster Trading System is a proprietary system that tracks the price movement of stocks, derivatives and commodities during they break up or down, thus profiting in both buy and sell-short positions. It is highly proficient in intraday and short term swing trading in stocks, commodities, Futures, Options and Forex.

We formulated the first system in 2008 and vigorously back-tested, forward-tested, evaluated and refined the system. We simplified it for our personal use in 2008. Our company has grown through trading and investing using our formulated system.

Our company and our system have helped many beginners to intermediate or aggressive traders to achieve wealth in the stock & money market. We have developed comprehensive systems necessary for financial success in financial markets. The Trend Blaster Trading System is practised widely in India, Middle East and Europe.

To make Trend Blaster Trading System more robust we have launched 2 new scans to scan stocks for day trading. The earlier buy/sell trading system scan with volume filter is improved a lot. Scan to know which signal is most powerful with the blue volume filter. Lets now scan it on 5 minutes chart to know where we got a buy or sell signal. Its easy, just go to analysis, select 1 recent bar(s) and select TBTS trading system and click on explore.
Scan stocks for day trading
Now, we got a list of stocks to buy or sell at that current moment. But only fools will buy or sell all of them. How to know which stock will do the best. Watch for the BLUE volume filter. Our first stock with blue volume filter is ANDHRABANK. So lets check its chsrts now.
Scan stocks for day trading
Check the signal in ANDHRABANK at 11:30 AM, has given a real blast. More than 3% returns intraday. If this is not a blast, then what is the definition of a blast?

Now whats in the basket for the mechanical traders? Mechanical traders trade the same stock or commodity or index future every day. But, the best of the stock should not be traded in worst of the times. How to know which stock to trade mechanically for a day? Team StockManiacs has introduced a new scan called Trend Blaster Zoom Scan and it knows how to scan stocks for day trading who will perform. Put it to yes, and you will find the best stocks to trade mechanically (i.e. follow all signals blindly) for the day.
Scan stocks for day trading
Please check the above screenshot carefully. First set Trend Blaster ZOOM SCAN to yes in the Analysis window. It will activate the ZOOM SCAN for the current analysis. From the SETTINGS choose 5 minutes as the Periodicity. Select 1 recent bar(s) and press EXPLORE. 1-2-3-ZOOM. You now get the stocks eligible to trade mechanically for the day. We got our first candidate ADANIENT in the Zoom Scan. Lets check the performance of ADANIENT in the Trend Blaster Trading System mechanical signals. Lets do backtesting for the particular day.
Scan stocks for day trading
Amazing, its 15% odd returns in a single day. If you are still struggling with your trades do subscribe to Trend Blaster. You will get access to the two powerful scanning, Trend Blaster Volume Scan and the Trend Blaster Zoom Scan.

Check the video of Zoom Scan for Day Trading

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  1. Tonnellier says:

    Im using trendblaster Version 2.7 Do i have to Upgrade to version4.0? Best regards

  2. VIKRAM E says:

    Would like to see the Demo on Trend Blaster

  3. Shreesha says:

    i tried demo ….lack of my knowledge, preparation and communication (language)spoiled that demo session! still i want to learn your system (trend blaster) HoW??let me know.

  4. BALAGOPALAN says:

    I would like to have a demo of TTTB

    • Balagopalan, TTTB is a positional bonus product available free of cost with 3 month’s or above license of Trend Blaster. Being a bonus product and also a positional system, we dont offer a demo of the same. You can avail it by purchasing Trend Blaster HERE. You can also ask for a demo of Trend Blaster at our contact numbers HERE.

  5. Ramachandra says:

    I have taken the service of Trend Blaster from you. Kindly help me on this, i am not getting Volume Filter (with Blue), signal, entry , stop loss, tgt1, tgt2 etc., how to set these parameters

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