Use This NSE Technical Stock Screener For Profitable Trades

Free NSE Stock Screener

For long time I was thinking to build a NSE technical stock screener for my visitors. My concept of the stock screener was it should be free, it should be simple and it should be easy to use. So finally I managed to build a simple and easy to use stock screener for my site. You can access this free technical stock screener HERE.

How to use the NSE technical stock screener?
The stock scanner / stock screener is build on excel and hosted at google drive. The first row shows the headings and the first column shows the scrip names. I have concentraded on Nifty 50 stocks only and the scrip names are shown alphabatically.
NSE Technical Stock Screener
Now the 2nd column shows the open price of the day, 3rd column shows the high of the day, 4th column shows the low of the day and 5th column shows the LTP (last traded price). 6th column shows the volume of the scrip and 7th column shows the percentage change in today’s price. Now technical details start from column number 8.

Column number 8 shows the scrips where today an opening gap is created for more than 1%. So there is a trading opportunity because either the scrip can run in the direction of the gap or it will try to fade the gap.

Column number 9 shows the open high low status and marks the OPEN=HIGH and OPEN=LOW cases. These scrips can be traded as shown in my earlier post Open High Low Same Trading Strategy For Indian Stock Market.

Column number 10 alerts in case any scrip makes new 52 week high or new 52 week low. And the last column shows the sector of the scrip. I feel this NSE technical stock screener can help intraday traders to judge simple trades at a glance. You can post your requirements for addition in the stock scanner in the comment section below this post.

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