Pralhad Sangamkar
Pralhad Sangamkar

I am a senior citizen of 65 years old. Trading in the share market has been my passion; But without the proper iknowledge and guidance, trading in share market will be a great disaster. Hence I attended the webinar on 21st Jan, 17. My feed back is as under:-

Mr. Indrajit Mukharjee has sincerely taken log of efforts in making the vast contents of this webinar. He has done lot of research work in creating the contents and presentation of the information has been in very simple language, so that even a layman in stock market can follow and understand the concepts very easily. I am highly impressed not only with the contents but also the presentation of the material in the webinar. Good work keep it up. The webinar is really good and fruitful for new trader / invester. I will definitely recommend this training course to my friends and relatives.

Thanks and regards,

PRALHAD K. SANGAMKAR Zerodha client id: ZX9773 Technical Analysis Training February 7, 2017