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Biggest Strength of a Technical Analyst

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the study of past market behavior – essentially the play of price and volumes. Plotted on a 2-dimensional scale we see a picture, and as they say “One look is worth a thousand words”, technical analysts too get an intangible feel of price. Take a look at adjacent charts and I’m sure you will agree with me that a quick glance and you know how these asset classes play out in 2016. Technical Analyst So far for its visual attributes, the study of technical analysis has

How To Start Auto Trading Or Algo Trading In NSE or MCX Using Amibroker

Algorithmic Trading

Have you ever all the time thought that algo trading in nse or mcx, application-based totally trading, backtesting instruments are aware of a make a choice few? We have offered algo trading to interrupt this delusion by means of providing an algo trading product utterly freed from value and extra importantly through dedicating a whole part to coach you on writing/backtesting/going live to tell the tale a technical trading strategy. You don’t need any programming history however at the least