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Simple Nifty Trading System Using VIX Trading Strategy


How Can We Begin VIX Trading? Not too long ago I read a piece of writing on VIX trading within the December 2012 issue of Traders Magazine. Can the volatility index (INDIAVIX) be used to foretell the Nifty future? New concepts on vix trading have arisen in technical literature that recommend that combining technical analysis with the INDIAVIX may end up in a predictive adaptation so one can beat the buy & hold of the Nifty future. James Kozyra and Camillo Lento examined

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How To Do Back Testing Of Turtle Trading Strategy

Analysts Turtle Farm

Lets Are attempting To Do Again Trying out A Turtle Trading Strategy
Prior to we transfer onto again checking out lets selected the device to do the again checking out. As its a turtle trading technique lets keep on with our newly tested Analysts Turtle Farm.

As they have been trading treasurey bills, the Turtles had to decide on liquid scrips, together with US Treasury Bonds, Espresso, Cocoa, Sugar, Cotton, Gold SIlver, Coper, main currencies and Indices, and Oils.

All tough trading systems pay

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