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How To Use Zerodha Pi In 3 Simple And Easy Steps

Zerodha Pi

Zerodha Pi is one of the finest trading platform that I have came across. Pi trading platform has many new additions and advantages on other platforms like Nest / Now or Odin. I have seen Pi is the lightest trading platform in terms of memory usage. Here I am trying to discuss few simple steps on how to use Pi. To start trading with Pi or to open an account in Zerodha fill up the form below and you can access Pi almost instantly.

Instant Access To Zerodha Pi

Advantages of Zerodha Pi

  1. Advanced charting – 10 different types of charts with 80 built-in technical indicators
  2. Simple scripting for semi automated trading – Code advanced strategies with a simple yet powerful scripting language
  3. Easy pattern recognition
  4. 50,000 candles worth of FREE historical data.
  5. Real time trade signals from expert advisors (EA)
  6. Artificial intelligence and Genetic algorithms
  7. Direct trading from the chart is possible
  8. Usage of bracket orders and cover orders

Zerodha Pi How to use Zerodha

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