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The 2% Method: How To Make Profits In Intraday Trading

The 2 Percent Method

So, you have the same question that millions are looking for. How to make profits in intraday trading?.

I have also searched for the answer for a long long time and finally we found a fool proof method where we can securely answer the question of my clients, how to make profits in intraday trading. We call it the 2% method, a trading technique implementing which you can earn 2% profits everyday. Its like a Holy Grail of Trading.


  • A good charting software like Amibroker.
  • A good breakout or breakdown scanner in Amibroker like TTTB Trading System or Amibroker Holy Grail.
  • A good end of day (EOD) database in Amibroker.

Buy rules of how to make profits in intraday trading:

  • Scan with the end of day data after 7PM
  • Find potential breakout buy scrips
  • Sort with KRA
  • For buy only consider scrips with low and rising KRA
  • KRA close to -10 is ideal but not necessary
  • Suppose you got 4 scrips as BUY in this method
  • Next morning only keep these 5 scrips in your terminal
  • Watch for any weakness in them intraday basis (before 1PM)
  • If you get 2% weakness in any of them BUY with 1% stoploss
  • Target last day’s close, i.e 2% from your BUY level.
  • Achieve 80% accuracy in trading 🙂