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TTTB Pro Amibroker AFL Set – Divergence + TTTB = Accuracy


After the launch of TTTB Trading System it has created a huge hype among traders all over India. TTTB is finding explosive stocks with simple scan and many of the TTTB findings have hit upper circuits day after day.

What is this TTTB Trading System? TTTB Trading System is a breakout trading system which spots highly overbought or oversold stocks using KRA line and buys or sells them at break peak or break trough. More details on TTTB Trading System and its usage guide can be found here.

We have

How To Install The Amibroker AFL Library In Your Computer

Amibroker AFL Library

Very good news the Amibroker AFL Library, as well as the Trend Blaster Yahoo group is now open for all paid members as well as trial seekers too. Why we opened yahoo group entry to even trial seekers, we want to get valuable inputs even from the trial clients for betterment of the trading system.

The Trend Blaster Trading System For Amibroker installer file is available for trial at our site StockManiacs.net at Trend Blaster page. Members should join the Yahoo group at http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/trendblaster

100% FREE: Our 1.3 MB Collection Of Amibroker AFL Download

Amibroker AFL Download

Since 2009 Amibroker is the most popular charting tool of India. I have seen the journey of Amibroker starting from the old version 5.00 to 6+ versions. Why Amibroker became so polular in India? Because it is easy to handle, light weight as well as cheap data is available for Indian stock and commodity markets in Amibroker platform. In this post I have given a big bag of Amibroker afl download to my readers.

amibroker afl download

Read more to find the download link to our 1.3 MB collection of Amibroker AFL download.


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