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Amibroker AFL For Intraday – Only Trade Trending Stocks

Amibroker AFL

2014 was a revolutionary year, as we coded Trend Blaster in Amibroker platform. It is an amibroker afl for intraday trading. But there are many trading systems, so what is so special in trend blaster?? What is Trend Blaster afl?? It is a trading system that have multi time frame analysis in-built and is trend following.

Instant access to Trend Blaster:


Amibroker AFL for intraday: Is it profitable

This can be the exact question coming into many readers mind. YES, Trend Blaster is a highly accurate afl if used with proper settings.

Trend Blaster

100% FREE: Our 1.3 MB Collection Of Amibroker AFL Download

Amibroker AFL Download

Since 2009 Amibroker is the most popular charting tool of India. I have seen the journey of Amibroker starting from the old version 5.00 to 6+ versions. Why Amibroker became so polular in India? Because it is easy to handle, light weight as well as cheap data is available for Indian stock and commodity markets in Amibroker platform. In this post I have given a big bag of Amibroker afl download to my readers.

amibroker afl download

Read more to find the download link to our 1.3 MB collection of Amibroker AFL download.


Jim Berg: One Of The Best Trading Systems – Download Jimberg AFL

Jimberg Indicator AFL

What Is Jimberg AFL? This can be a description of the volatility based totally trading system developed via Jim Berg. Jim is an skilled trader and his way caught the eye of many individuals when he used it to win the Non-public Investor Journal trading competitors in 2002, a tough yr within the Australian market. All the way through that 12 months the market declined by using about 20% however Jim managed to provide a return of some 30%, an enormous out-efficiency of the

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