Using many technical indicators and tools can actually confuse a trader in taking a decision where to enter and ehere to exit. Traders makes a mistake of late entry and early exit. Our technical analysis training course is designed to concentrate only on correct entry and exit and on maximising profits. Even a new-comer can join this course and start earning profits following our simple guidelines.

Technical Analysis Training Course Content:

  • Introduction to stock / commodity markets.
  • Understanding various types of orders.
  • Fundamental analysis Vs technical analysis.
  • Setup of technical charts using Zerodha Pi / Kite.
  • Basic candlesticks.
  • 8 essential indicators – Bollinger Band, Moving Average, MACD, Stochastics, RSI, Volume, Trend Line, SuperTrend.
  • Applying trend following system.
  • Simple trend following system using 3 simple indicators.
  • Intraday trading strategy using ATR.
  • Correct entry and exit using SuperTrend.
  • Setting targets and stop loss – Bracket Orders and Cover Orders.
  • Money management.

The above studies are blended and demonstrated to students on how to take a profitable equity / FNO / trade with effective money management. Technical Charts are displayed on projector / screen all along the course.
Technical Analysis Training

Client Testimonials:

Pralhad Sangamkar

I am a senior citizen of 65 years old. Trading in the share market has been my passion; But without the proper iknowledge and guidance, trading in share market will be a great disaster. Hence I attended the webinar on 21st Jan, 17. My feed back is as under:-

Mr. Indrajit Mukharjee has sincerely taken log of efforts in making the vast contents of this webinar. He has done lot of research work in creating the contents and presentation of the information has been in very simple language, so that even a layman in stock market can follow and understand the concepts very easily. I am highly impressed not only with the contents but also the presentation of the material in the webinar. Good work keep it up. The webinar is really good and fruitful for new trader / invester. I will definitely recommend this training course to my friends and relatives.

Thanks and regards,

PRALHAD K. SANGAMKAR Zerodha client id: ZX9773 Technical Analysis Training February 7, 2017

G V Krishna Sai

Sir, I have attended the Tecnical Analysis workshop today. I found training useful. Please send ebooks link and video link to my email id whenever they are ready. Please inform me if there is any special programme on commodities trading.

G V KRISHNA SAI Zerodha client id: ZW7142 Technical Analysis Training December 30, 2016

Ravindra AG

The Webinar training was excellent and superb. We learnt so many new technical analysis methods. Double Super Trend trading method is very excellent and every body can trade on this method to earn consistent profit. I am very much keen in participating in further future training programs.

Ravindra A.G. Zerodha client id: DR0783 Technical Analysis Training December 26, 2016

Vinay Tulasi

Recently I have taken technical analysis training from Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee and I want to thank him for his wonderful explanation. I am now being able to spot trade opportunities in real time. Thank you Mr. Indrajit once again.

Tulasi Vinay Zerodha client id: RT1645 Technical Analysis Training December 26, 2016

Ankit Shukla

From my experience i truly believe that Knowledge is the solution for all the problems and thats why i would rather spend few bucks in learning than loosing in future and thinking what went wrong, Things have been difficult lately for me and I really want to thank Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee form the bottom of my heart for letting me in his TA course for a discounted price.

Ankit Shukla Zerodha client id: PA5555 Technical Analysis Training December 26, 2016


Mr. Indrajit Mukherji

With reference to the above subject, i would like thank you very much for allowing me to attend the webinar. I am beginner and many time i have gone through tutorial which you have posted in the website. I have gone through your super-trend feature which i am applying and is giving result. You explanation is very simple and easy to understand. Due to this i am attending your training program.


Ramachandra Zerodha client id: DR5151 Technical Analysis Training December 26, 2016

Sakthivel C P


Today I attended you webinar. It was very useful in the sense that

1) As a day trader I was not able to get the correct price entry of the stock because I was unaware of the levels and by using the double super trend I think this problem will be solve
2) About risk management I think we should have high risk reward ratio more tha 2
3) Using ADX as a trend indicator will be of much use for a day trader like me
4) I hope your advice will keep me in the stock market for now.
5) I thank you for providing some useful information about stock market for a long day more than 7 hours
6) I had attached my photo to this mail

Sakthivel C P Zerodha client id: RS9116 Technical Analysis Training December 26, 2016

Jyothi Prakash

The training that Mr. Indrajit Mukherjee offers for Zerodha customers is really helpful for newbies and now after attending the training I am able to spot intraday trading opportunities successfully.

Jyothi Prakash Zerodha cliend id: ZW1439 Technical Analysis Training December 26, 2016

Next Tentative Class: Saturday 22/06/2017, minimum 10 attendees, first come first serve basis.

Duration: 4 classes (2 hours each, total 8 Hours).

Mode Of Training: Classroom / SKYPE.

Trainer: Partha Dhar / Indrajit Mukherjee.

Course Fees: Rs. 10,500 (US$ 200) – 50% discount for zerodha club members

Instant payment – Non-members:

Instant payment – Zerodha Club members:

Our Bank Details:
Account Name: INFINIFTY
Bank: Union Bank of India
Branch: Kalyani Branch
Current A/c No: 619901010050091
IFSC Code – UBIN0561991
MICR Code: 700026065.

NRIs and non-Indians may pay appropriate dollar amount to our paypal mail id [email protected].

Important: In our training programmes we show charts from Zerodha Pi / Kite platform. You should have a Zerodha account with you. If you do not have Zerodha account you can open a Zerodha account through us.

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