How To Identify Correct Market Trend Using Price Action

Price Action Trading

The very first thing that we wish to know is what’s a Swing High and Swing Low. That is almost certainly the very best a part of price action and bar counting even supposing the entire course of will get more uncomplicated with follow.

We outline a swing high as;
A 3 bar mixture
A bar preceded and succeeded via lower highs

I outline a swing low as;
A 3 bar mixture
A bar preceded and succeeded by using higher lows

Market LevelsThere are most effective 3 ways the market can go;
• Up
• Down
• Sideways

With the swing high/low definition now in thoughts we will begin to construct some layers on to the chart to establish these market phases and begin to do a easy depend of those swing highs and lows.

• The market goes up when value is making higher highs and higher lows
• The market goes down when value is making lower highs and lower lows
• The market goes sideways when worth is just not making higher highs and higher lows OR lower highs lower lows

This may increasingly sound like kid’s play and a commentary of the apparent however you are going to be stunned at how frequently folks will overlook these easy data. One of the vital greatest questions I get requested is, which method is the market going? Through doing a easy train you will discover which approach that worth goes and come to a decision for your trading plan and extra importantly timing of a trade.

What do I imply by means of timing? It can be that you’re on the lookout for a shorting chance as the general trend is down however value to your entry period of time continues to be going up (making HH’s & HL’s). There’s, at this stage, no level in seeking to quick a rising market except price action begin to level down (making LH’s & LL’s. Extra on this rapidly).

Price Action

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