How To Get FREE Real Time NSE Data For Amibroker?

Free Amibroker Real Time Data

This tutorial will teach you to get FREE real time NSE data for Amibroker.

We have now found a small piece of software (about 1.5 MB) that can get you real time NSE data for Amibroker. This software (Data Feeder) is freeware and you can use it as long as you wish, you can have stocks list up-to 100 stocks ( you can add more but slows down real time NSE data for Amibroker). So now you don’t have to pay any subscription charges to other data provider, we have tested this software for a long time and did not see any issue with the data.

Moreover you can see Sensex, Nifty and USD-INR currency pair price. This small app has feature of back filling data of 1 day, 5 days and EOD data as well, You can download this software from the link at the end of the post.

Guide to setup real time NSE data for Amibroker:
Download Data Feeder from the link at the end of the post.
Install using setup.exe, at this step you ate done with the installation.
Now let us setup database in Amibroker, Run/open Amibroker.
Real Time NSE Data for Amibroker
Go to File > New Database
Type the name of database, select base time interval as: 1 Minute and click Create.
Under number of bars enter: 10000
Click on Intraday setting.
Select filtering as Show day session only.
In trading hours, for day Session enter start as 09:15 and end as 15:30, Click on OK.
Now you have successfully configured real time NSE data for Amibroker.

Now run Data Feeder from desktop for first time. Here you will need to create a list of stocks that you need under real time NSE data for Amibroker.

Once you are done with adding stocks, press the red button named “Amibroker is not connected click here to connect” once you click this button it will become green.
Now click on “ADD STOCKS” button to add stocks to your Amibroker watch list.
Lets perform some Back-fill, click on “Backfill-1M Data” to get 1 day intraday data of selected stocks.
Select chart refresh rate to “5 Seconds“. Now we are ready to hit that START button. Now real time data should be loading perfectly.
Real Time NSE Data for Amibroker

Download link of Data Feeder:

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A special trick: This free real time NSE data for Amibroker is from Yahoo finance. And we have seen that Yahoo prints the first bar’s high and low abnormal. This makes the look of your chart distorted. We have found a solution to this problem. Change the start time as 09:16 instead of 09:15 in Amibroker’s database settings.

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