Nifty Trend Finder

How to use Nifty Trend Finder

1. To use this calculator you need the CMP / LTP / Spot price of Nifty.

For intraday enter LTP / CMP. For EOD enter the closing Price.

2. You require Options Data for the particular Nifty for the current month.
3. Now let us see how to use this calculator. Lets say you want to find the trend for Nifty for tommorow.

4. You will first see the close price of Nifty index. (Close price is 6242)

5. After entering the Spot Price, you will see two textfields (one for CALL and other for PUT price.)
6. Enter the prices for the CE and PE shown.

7. Now you can press the button Find Trend

8. Based on the calculation, you will get the immediate trend for Nifty.
Example – EOD

Lets say Nifty closing price for today is 6242.

You see the two new textfields. one for CE and another for PE. (6300 CE and 6200 PE)

You enter the price for this two options (closing price)

You press the button Find Trend. You get the message TREND is UP.
Example – Intraday

Lets say you want to check the trend in between the market hours. You will enter the spot Price of Nifty.

You enter the spot price of nifty at 6311. You see the two new textfields for options. (6400 CE and 6200 PE)

You enter the price for them. Lets say 6400 CE is trading at 37, and 6200 PE is trading at 32.

You enter this prices in the above calculator and press the button Find Trend.

You get the message TREND IS DOWN.

Note: The above calculations are just an indication based on option pricing. You may include other indicators as well to confirm the trend.

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