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How To Trade With Volume Profile Zerodha Kite In Intraday?

Volume Profile

Volume profile is an advanced indicator that plots volume in a different way. Instead of normal way of plotting volume below the price in most charting platforms Zerodha has introduced a special volume chart in Zerodha Kite. I will show how to successfully trade in intraday basis using Volume Profile Zerodha Kite.

If you do not have access to Zerodha Kite please apply for an account by clicking HERE. You

Save Zerodha Contact Details And Zerodha Customer Care Numbers

Zerodha Customer Care

Many times I listen one thing from my Zerodha customers that they do not get Zerodha contact numbers in times of trading. But this is partially true. In this post I will discuss some essential contact details to be saved by Zerodha clients. But before I move forward, CLICK HERE to bookmark this Zerodha customer care page of Zerodha official site.

Why you must expect self service at Zerodha? Every Zerodha customer must remember one thing that Zerodha is not a full service